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  1. OK sorry, anyway the link only point to this: http://www.u2.com/resetpassword/ and if you provide an email that doesn't match you user name it doesn't work. Anyway what do you think I can do? I still haven't any presale code. Already did everything said...
  2. OK sorry, but I think there wasn't such a "personal" informations that I don't care about... If people know my real name its not a problem if people know when my subscription will end its not a problem but anyway I accept this
  3. when you phoned, which number you select?
  5. did they fixed now? I am very disappointed....
  6. yes I have already wrote an email but I think that now in USA is at least 3:22 am on NY and no one will answer....
  7. I don't know how i can explain this... I haven't any code on my profile (http://www.u2.com/profile) and the TOUR page (http://www.u2.com/tour)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry but I'm a bit angry.... and worried.... I don't think I can use the Usa code I received on a text message... it doesn't start with U2EIA
  8. I haven't receive any email! I have read that who request a presale code for american dates, is not getting presale code. I will try to use the code I received for usa dates.... I've received on text message and I hadn't used... wil it work?
  9. I still haven't received any FU@##[]ing u2.com presale code, I'm experience group and it doesn't appear any code on account info! what can i do?
  10. Hi there, I've read that no ID check when you swipe credit card to enter so I can send my blocked credit card and print of my order. if you are interested please email me: [MOD EDIT: NO EMAILS, please - use PMs instead. Thanks]
  11. I could sell them for 110£ two GA for 30th and I can send my blocked credit card with which I bought tickets and the recept from AXS but I know it's only a risk of the buyer... I definitly can't go to the concert, I'm from italy.... otherwise for sure 130£ down the drain!
  12. I have two GA for 30th but they are ticketless! I don't know how we can make, because 99,99% I'll lose my money!
  13. Hi there, I have 2 GA ticketless for the 30th October but unfortunately I can't go. Is there any way I can sell, obviously face value, my tickets? I can send my blocked credit card and copy of my ID...
  14. I'm disperate too, I cannot go to 30th October London O2 show and obviously I have ticketless GA. Is there any solution?
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