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  1. Still haven't recieved my 2019 gift yet. After recieving Propaganda magazine in the 80's to signing up to the Interweb ever since, I don't think I'll renew. Apart from Vertigo 05 & JT 2017 I haven't been overly impressed. The only thing that would grab my attention would be an anniversary of Boy or Actung Baby.
  2. Ok, as I originally posted this and now I've seen show 1 of 3 it was ok. I liked the visuals and seeing the band close up was good. I'm the same as many on here and have followed the band for 30+ years and grown older with them. I have to admit that when they got into the set I was really enjoying it, and appreciated that the band were "tight" and it was a polished performance. At the end of the day U2 are a business and have to perform and promote theirselves in that way. I suppose it's just that even 5/6yrs ago when you're younger you just approach gigs differently, Perhaps I'm just getting
  3. Cheers for the replies people, some great & valid points in there. I think as the UK dates from Vertigi & 360 didn't impress me to much, sound quality being the main contributor, that said I did catch Paris 2010 that was good. Still these shows are inside and I haven't seen that since ZooTV in '93, so that'll be interesting. I think it's true we don't have the excitement of our younger days until the gig gets nearer, part of growing older and having more responsibility I guess. Still as long as they play Like A Song I'll be happy See you 30/10- 2/11- 3/11....Thanks again and enjoy the
  4. Gonna see the band 3 times in London later this year but at the mo I'm not excited about it at all. I haven't read many reviews, seen set lists or watched YouTube for this tour like I would previous. I'm 46yrs old now been following them for 30+ years but not feeling the love this time around. Maybe when the tour gets here things might be different or maybe we've come to the end of the road U2 & Me ?
  5. Oh ok, I was hoping Dec at The Old Point Depot by The Liffey , like in 1989 NYE show.... See what happens I could be wrong but I think utwothefly is saying that it is rumoured that the dates will be finalised in March, not that the actual dates themselves are in March. I think the band confirmed that the dates are in November/December. Unless I'm missing something. Ok Cheers, roll on March then
  6. Oh ok, I was hoping Dec at The Old Point Depot by The Liffey , like in 1989 NYE show.... See what happens
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