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  1. Get well soon and take care of yourself, Bono
  2. Boy: 8/10 (great debut-album) October: 7/10 (It has potential, but sounds unfinished) War: 9/10 (first real classic of U2, good straight-forward rock) Unforgettable fire: 9/10 (instead of making 'War part 2', U2 makes the bold choice to redefine the band's sound) The Joshua Tree: 9,5/10 (U2 combines the atmospheric soundscapes of Unforgettable Fire with classic songs) Rattle & Hum 7/10 (overall good album with some great songs, but lacks a consistant feel) Achtung Baby: 10/10 (U2 choses again for a musical redirection and makes its best album to date) Zooropa: 9/10 (a great album wh
  3. I became fan in 1996-1997. Of course I knew and liked U2's music before, but I never was a fan until I bought Achtung Baby (out of curiosity and also because I loved The Fly). That album totally blew me away and is still my all time favorite album. My wife (then my girlfriend) was a fan already and she introduced me to their other albums. We both bought Pop when it came out and loved it. And the Popmart-concert at Werchter was our first concert together.
  4. I loved the album since the beginning and still love it.
  5. It was quite good for a change. Less camp, less crap and some songs I liked. My favorites were Turkey (Hadise is from Belgium) and Estonia. Didn't care forNorway.
  6. They've reached Europe too. I live in Belgium and I got the cd in the mail yesterday.
  7. 1. Achtung Baby (my favorite album of all time) 2. The Joshua Tree 3. No line on the Horizon 4. War 5. The Unforgettable Fire
  8. U2 (Popmart 1997 and Elevation 2001) Bruce Springsteen & The E-Street Band (2003, 2007 en 2008) Metallica (2004, 2008 and 2009) Muse (2004 and 2006) Queens of the Stone Age (2002 and 2008) Pixies (2004) PJ Harvey (2004) Calexico (2002) Coldplay (2002) Faithless (2002) Slayer (2008) Red Hot Chili Peppers (2002) Mastodon (2008) Rammstein (2002) Iron Maiden (2003) Ministry (2003) ...
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