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  1. The latest U2 album always becomes my favourite, listening to new songs always seems a gift, because one day they will no doubt retire and enjoy the easy life.....not for many years yet though ! Looking forward to hopefully seeing them again here in the U.K, if and a big if I can manage to book tickets...
  2. Thanks for all your replies, Im sticking with my seats, feel really lucky to get them to be honest....just feel you miss the whole experience of standing which I love, been down near the front at my last few concerts, Red Hot chillies and Coldplay and 2 of the 360 dates.. Still can not wait to see them again !!
  3. Pre-sale taking place later this week for extra European dates ! It will probably be aThurs and Fri again?
  4. It's an absolute way of legal touting by TM, they redirect you to getmein etc, all owned by the same company.....I know it's supply and demand etc but you always get the feeling of being ripped off ! I think the band should manage there own ticket sales through a site they control......
  5. Hi, just wanted to find out the cost of a Red Zone ticket for Twickenham, not that I will be able to get one on Monday.....have bagged two seated tickets in the Wires pre sale but really wanted GA or Redzone, if I manage to get either then I will sell the seated tickets at face value to some one on here......either way I'm lucky to be going as I missed the last tour all together which really sucked ! Many thanks for any replies ..
  6. Tried to get GA tickets at 9.00 am this morning in the Wires group, none available? Had to settle for two seated tickets I'm M9........£££££ Still can't wait...
  7. HI, does anyone know if the pre-sale code will allow you to buy red zone tickets at Twickenham ?
  8. "As usual, there is an exclusive priority presale for U2.com subscribers from Wednesday, January 11th (9am) through Friday, January 13th (5pm) local times. Tickets will be general admission on the floor and reserved seating in the stands. There will be a 4 ticket limit for subscriber purchases and a 6 ticket limit commencing with public sales. In North America, all floor tickets will be paperless unless otherwise noted." From: http://www.u2.com/news/title/the-joshua-tree-tour-2017?utm_source=Publicaster&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=tour_all_20170109_JTTourAnnounce&utm_content=Read+the+full+story&AID=1613 How do you know you can't split, just based on previous tours? I am in 'Redhill' presale group, do you know if that means I get a head start of some kind on new subscribers? Redhill is Weds from 9.00am Wired is Thurs from 9.00am, both finish Fri afternoon i think, this is the U.K times anyway, found the info on tickmasters site. Hope that helps !!
  9. Bono, enjoy the rest and family time, hope your injury soon gets better and your back to your rocking best, thanks for all you give.....
  10. just wondering if the intro song kingdom they use for 360 gigs is availible to buy? kingdom, when was this song written etc? never heard of it before,
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