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  1. So, are we right in thinking that you could split the tickets over multiple shows to the max of 4 tickets, but Singapore is now such that your code can be used to purchase up to FOUR (4) tickets in a single transaction. So the one transaction only. If you used it for say 2 tickets to the first show then your code isn't valid. But... If you had used your code for 4 show in Australia can you still use the code for Singapore. Say you get 4 tickets over multiple shows in Oz but didn't get a ticket to the first Singapore show - could you get 2 or even 4 tickets with that code being emailed for the second Singapore show? That would see you with more than 4 tickets overall, but it isn't clear if it is 4 over the ENTIRE tour (Australia AND Asia) or is it one thing for Australia and then different for Singapore - hence you could get say 6 tickets in that scenario. 4 for the Aussie shows and say 2 for ONE of the Singapore presales? Clear as mud.
  2. My moment where I realised I had fully converted my long suffering wife to the U2 darkside happened just recently. Not only did she firstly agree to go to a U2 cover band show but secondly she really enjoying it and finally the ultimate proof was obtained when the coverband "Bono" got to that part in Stuck In A Moment and sang the Edge bit. She turned to me and said "Hey, this is the bit The Edge is meant to sing".... Then she said, "and there was that time the band stopped and people thought Bono was lip syncing because Edge was singing this part..." Right then she noticed the shock on my face and she paused. Then she said "Oh God, what have you done to me"... What indeed................... *insert evil laugh*
  3. Odd, normally when someone is old it is the frequent leaking that is the problem...
  4. I still haven't popped my Experience cherry (that might be the most inappropriate, but in context, sentence I have ever typed).. But the early positive vibes towards the new record are exciting. I just hope there isn't that swing at some point where the popular opinion tends to suggest otherwise... Time will tell...
  5. It's a interesting, albeit really sad thought. Undeniable that they are significantly closer to the end than the start. No doubting that. But what a ride.... It is probably why I haven't entirely brought into this seemingly new and surprisingly vehement emergence of a backlash from within the hardcore faithful towards the band of late. Sure the ticket sale process could have been infinitely better (to say the least), perhaps the JT shows would have been better not wedged between these two records and tours and absolutely it would have been devastated not getting a ticket. 100% understandable and gut wrenching. But....... They are still here. There are still shows. They are still recording and they are still touring. The alternative is much tougher to face. It could have all ended long ago. I know that it is difficult to try and follow that line when you suffer the pain of missing out on a ticket, but it is worth a thought. I remember listening to 40 from that final show of Popmart back in 98. Back when you paid exorbitant amounts for a bootleg in a record store. It felt in honestly like it could have ended right then. A slow, almost mournful version of the tune. On the back of record that struggled in the US. And a tour that had its fair share of difficulties in cutting though its own ambition. A tour where they copped a lot of flacks in places. I loved Popmart though, but that song felt so sad at that time and I couldn't help wondering if the next move was the lads head off to the mansion in the south of France and buy a winery. So everything since then has been nothing but a bonus. And anything after Experience would continue that theme. Let alone the vast amount of material locked in the vault somewhere. Keep in mind I'm an Australian fan, so suffice to say I haven't even had a chance at a ticket to show here for a very long time. Right now I think us hardcore fans need to take a step back for a second and remember why we are actually even here in the first place. Throw on a record on, turn it up and get lost in it again. Let The Fly rattle the windows. Get drunk and belt out One. Get even drunker and croon With or Without You whilst kicking out an imaginary microphone stand Rattle and Hum style. Nothing is guaranteed, there is no entitlement - but there are a shit load of tunes to fall back on.
  6. i'm also staying in Boston and trying to figure out how to get the Stadium. Doesn't seem that easy, at least nothing on the internet makes it all that clear. Anybody got any suggestions? Thanks heaps.
  7. Can I ask a similar question please? I managed to get 2 GA tickets for one show and my wife 2 GA for another show in a different city (4 tickets only in total). Both myself and my wife are long time members with separate accounts and in the madness of the pre-sale I used my code and my wife used hers. So two different membership codes. That is, one code for the first purchase and another for the second (different city). With the same credit card and address details, but only 4 tickets all up. Is there any possible issue with that? And if, by chance, there is another show announced in one of those cites would there be any issue with trying to use my code for possible pre-sale. Given each membership there is technically 2 tickets available to try for in the pre-sale. So another 2 tickets. I would assume, having read through, that scenario it would be best to play it safe and use another cc. Thanks.
  8. I caught Alice at Stockholm 1. Similar thing in that it is ripped up by the B man. I also have a pic of the books piled on stage and it looks like it was Alice, Ulysses. Clockwork Orange, Dantes and two others that are harder to make out.
  9. if it changes to SOE that's fine, just so long as we aren't left out the could do an Arena tour here, like I said Perth has the best Arena in Australia. Oh, now you are talking.... Would love the arena style shows here and Perth would be perfect for that. I get the feeling though they prefer to ramp up the stadium shows in markets outside the US/Europe. Less shows needing to be played so they can hit countries like Australia and not be there for too long. Then again, why not set up and play a bunch f shows, i'm up for it.......
  10. I think there is a very long term plan the lads have here.. A 2-3 year plan. So with luck that sees SOE that leads into another tour (possibly stadiums) that includes us here at the end of the yellow brick road... And then with luck the Songs Of Ascent gets put out and it might be a record they don't tour behind. Frees them up to be a experimental as they like with no need to consider stadium crowd pleases or even remotely how to play them live.... So yes, they probably will skip Australia.. With SOI that is, but not SOE... time will tell... Who knows really.
  11. Thanks... Did you actually get anything sent to your mobile? So much for a souvenir ticket to keep... Now i have no code and no ticket... I haven't purchased it yet. I'll wait till support answers me and then decide whether I'm buying it or switching Berling to Amsterdam or Antwerp. Wise move.. i'm still hunting for their email to ask about this mobile ticket thingo
  12. Yes! And it drives me nuts, cause I want to have a regular paper ticket and not some mobile code. I sent a question regarding this mobile ticket to eventim support, but haven't got an answer yet. It really sucks to have only one ticket option Thanks... Did you actually get anything sent to your mobile? So much for a souvenir ticket to keep... Now i have no code and no ticket...
  13. I only had the option for a "Mobile ticket" but nothing was sent to my phone. There was no other delivery option for me. Did anyone else have only the mobile option?
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