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  1. We got in the queue at the relevant gate about 2pm on the last UK tour and we got wristbands both times, everyone seems to have different experiences.
  2. Useful photos and video, thanks. I am going to Wembley and Cardiff, so gives us all an idea where to pitch ourselves for an unobstructed view.
  3. Yes, it's very frustrating and time consuming, and to keep receiving the same email from tech saying delete cookies, temp internet files and re-start andre-boot doesn't help much. I do like the new site, it's alot more informative and up to date. Maybe when they change the website again in another four or five years time therewon't be as many gliches.
  4. I received two slane cd's and two t-shirts, I can't even remember what it was that we were supposed to get now, I did email/contact them to say I hadnot received the right gift but they still sent me the same thing again...oh hum At least this year I have received the Medium,Rare & Remastered gift. Guess there's not alot we can do about it now.
  5. Did you get your problem fixed? My background is still black with red/white writing. Someone did say the non-subscribers site is the grey background and the black background is for the paidsubscribers, I don't know if this is correct but why make the paid subscribers squint and strain their eyes! The tech guys did answer my posts, firstly they answered someone else;'s problem to do with payment and then they just kept sending me the sameresponse...delete cookies, temp internet files etc and re-start and re-boot yourself! really useful stuff...not!
  6. It's definitely not my computer as I created a free account in order to log my problems (as my paid account was not working) and it was absolutely fine,the background was grey as it's meant to be and I could access and see everything clearly, however, my paid account is a nightmare (I am using the samecomputer!) most of the screenbackground is black with red & white writing, even while I am writing this post I have a large square in the right hand cornerwhich is in the grey format whilst the rest is in black...why?? why does one account work and the other not even though I am on the same c
  7. Ok, just because your all guys in band doesn't mean the guys have to get 5 pages of clothing and the girls only get one? They've obviously never been shopping with their wives/partners have they - us girls need choice!!
  8. Just logged back in again and my background is still black with red/white writing, I went to the Blogs page and My home ok this time, but still part of thescreen is in grey and part in black/red. The titles of each blog are in large block letters so I can't ready it very well, t his is how it's been forme for the last few weeks, let's hope your right and someone is looking at it.
  9. thanks Rhanson will keep you posted. I've just logged back in today and when I go to the blogs page it is now logging me of and whilst I am posting this reply to you half the screen backgroundis in black and the other half is in grey, I suppose I should be grateful it's not signed me out of here as well. I wish someone would sort these problemsout once and for all!
  10. Hi there, Yes, I am having the same problem, plus I get split screen colour the background should be grey. I would suggest you send a message via the HELP tab in the topright hand corner of your screen (it's next to the SIGN IN tab) and scroll to the bottom of the page were you can contact them and let them know yourproblem. In the paid forum under Tech Support I've started a thread called Split screen and background colour, add your problem to that thread as well andsomeone out their in cyberspace will hopefully pick it up, I've had this for over two months now! Let me know if you get it
  11. Yahweh 'rise up, rise up, with wings like eagles....'
  12. I've not found anyone who is selling it yet either, I would have thought there would have been an official announcment through u2.com firstthough...we'll have to wait and see.
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