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  1. Got on the front row! But more importantly got to sing you’re the best thing with my new fiancée and have a massive dance with the biggest band in the world, in the greatest city in the world. Thanks so much U2 and the site! Really needed that “great washing thing” that is a U2 gig this week!
  2. This is actually pete, right? sorry Alec - getting my ‘the fly’s confused!
  3. Pete! Guess what? Me and heather got engaged!
  4. I got super fan tickets! Amaze! In shock, to be honest
  5. There's a small car park with 260 seats but the issue is that the whole ground gets closed off for event days by police etc. I think it's likely security will be very, very tight given the terror threat and attack last night. Shuttle buses run from Richmond station if that helps. The stadium site is actually pretty accurate on this. I live in Kew so am gonna walk it basically.
  6. As a millenial, I feel this is an affliction that curses us all. It's not just gigs. How can you be moved by something if you're constantly trying to record it? It gets ridiculous, especially with engagements and things that are supposed to be sacred live events. If my girlfriend proposed to me and brought a film crew, not only would I say no, but some expensive equipment would get damaged. Few things on this earth beat being in the moment when 'streets' opens. Why you'd want to experience that behind a screen is beyond me.
  7. Quite right, too. God save the Queen. LOL - I am now - only, in a U2 themed twist, instead of invading countries, it's about getting them to collectively sign up to an Amnesty petition. More seriously - I think 9/10's sensible. I love U2, but there's a trade-off between being at the front and being knackered
  8. I'm both a millenial, and mentally middle aged, and I much prefer the latter!
  9. I'm gonna head there for around that time, but I live three miles from Twickenham, it's my birthday and my mates will be there with beers (not too many, I'm not an idiot) and chairs and maybe disposable board games so I'm a bit weird. I heard from someone at Seattle they got there for 4pm and got a good spot just a couple of rows in front of Edge, but I'm a bit paranoid. My guess would be it's a popular gig, so I think around noon would be a safe bet - go early if you're uber keen. What I wouldn't do is panic based on the US shows - it always seems tense outside the stadium, but once you
  10. This is so boring. I'm actually turning 29 on the day of the gig, and this is the sort of forum post you make in your late twenties versus your early twenties. My mate's coming down from up North, near Preston, and Virgin Trains has tickets listed for £90. NINETY. Searched for Preston - Crewe and Crewe - London and broke up the journey, and saved 40 quid, with a first class return journey. Absolute bargain. Crewe - London was NINE POUNDS. (£9) Again, news of songs of experience's release date it ain't, but for those flocking to the gig from the North, well worth considering. Be sur
  11. Honestly, I'd ring the venue. A lot of the 'on paper' promises are treated with a degree of common sense in real life. Unless they're going to ID your daughter, could she be 12 or 14? I think it's more really young kids that probably don't actively want to be at a rock show they're trying to screen out. Ring them though - but I suspect they'll have a common sense approach.
  12. The answer to the thread title is that me and David James had a quiet word with Bono as it's easier to get back for us. He's a good lad. Also - I just googled this and hilariously, my house is exactly 3.9 miles away from Twickenham. Smug? You betcha.* * Before you judge too harshly, at 360 in Sheffield me and my mate were left wandering around that city until 5am in the morning, because we'd lost the address of the mate we were staying with. Having never been to Sheffield before, it turns out 'terraced house on a slope' isn't that specific an instruction to give to a cab driv
  13. I'll buy the two for Saturday at face value if you need. Got two mates desperate to come and live in Chiswick
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