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  1. Got on the front row! But more importantly got to sing you’re the best thing with my new fiancée and have a massive dance with the biggest band in the world, in the greatest city in the world. Thanks so much U2 and the site! Really needed that “great washing thing” that is a U2 gig this week!
  2. This is actually pete, right? sorry Alec - getting my ‘the fly’s confused!
  3. Pete! Guess what? Me and heather got engaged!
  4. I got super fan tickets! Amaze! In shock, to be honest
  5. Email has arrived. Excitement successfully overcome. Four pictures, printed onto posh paper. I'm not sure it quite hits the heights of the last four or five years. Erm, yeah. Four pictures? Seriously?
  6. really? Hey big spender
  7. It's quite nice really it comes from a place of contentment rather than desperation for me now You going to any of the o2 gigs?
  8. Yes - I in particular am outraged at how unlucky and badly treated I was with the last giveaway.... (Before several zootopians shoot me in the head that is a MASSIVE JOKE)
  9. Slaves apparently went up to Bono after their Jools Holland performance and the B man complemented them on their sound; "you sounded great" To which they said; "hey man, you too" Awkward silence. Bono walks off. 'Twas on the Facebook - sure they made up after but very lol
  10. Joe - great guide, as ever. See you in London - I'm at the 30th and the 2nd shows
  11. Mich - there's tons of rattle & him knocking about in London vinyl stores if you need a new one...
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