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  1. Hi everyone , I got the extra deluxe box set version , one standard Cd from USA , two deluxe cd from Europe of the new album . When I read reviews about new album here I am sometimes shocked, because I think u2 made an epic album for the first time since 1997 . Great songs , great lyrics, great production , great cd, vinyl , deluxe cd , extra deluxe version package . Come on guys are you kidding me ? Have a little faith for this album , let yourselves go and swim in the new sound ... 10/10
  2. Hi Michael, I attended Istanbul show , what do you want to know specifically ? Meric.
  3. My deluxe cd and vinyl of Songs of Innocence album came an hour ago by UPS which i ordered from amazon german site. I did not open vinyl yet but i opened the deluxe cd , it is digipack , folder type , which has band picture at the folder. The booklets are so simple , no picture @ booklets , so i am kind of disappointed but at last i have a new album from our boys,and this feels great.
  4. My order is preparing for shipment today from amazon germany site. I am so happy,i will get the vinyl and the deluxe cd on Monday , if there won't be any problem. I am so anxious vaoov...:-)
  5. I ordered it from amazon german site. I rely on them so much. Also the deluxe cd version of the album is on sale there,and it says October 10 for release date,so i ordered both the vinyl and the deluxe cd from there. Since then i am counting days :-).
  6. I got the international Time edition which has our men on cover yesterday. There was only one copy left at the newsstand where i purchased. I live in Izmir-TURKEY. The hard copy is on my desk at my office now...It is so good to see them on the cover of Time again...
  7. If you search it @ www.amazon.de website they take pre-orders for all 3 physical formats,and the release date is October 10,2014. I pre-ordered the deluxe cd edition and the vinyl via amazon global express shipment type. Since that i've been counting days.
  8. www.amazon.de Amazon's German site started to take orders for the new album . Standart and Deluxe cd and also Vinyl . I just ordered Deluxe cd and also Vinyl , and i am counting days ...
  9. Please be patient everyone Amazon will sell all the physical formats of Songs Of Innocence , they are just waiting for the exact retail prices . When they open this album for ordering , i will immediately order the Vinyl and the Deluxe Cd .
  10. Hi Everybody, Does anyone know when will we be able to pre-order the new album in deluxe 2 cd format and in vinyl format ? I always check amazon sites but there is nothin there yet about the new album. If you have information ,please share . Best regards.
  11. Happy birthday Mr Edge.Take care of yourself...
  12. Hey fellas,who is coming to Istanbul concert , i am waitinbg for my ticket to be released. Hopefully i will be there,so who is coming ?
  13. It was a great video from the guys.It's such a class that Bono apologizes to his fans for the trouble he caused.They are back and i will be seeing them in Istanbul on September 6. Woo hoo !!!
  14. I ordered it on March 19 and i got my vinyl set today :-). I am in Turkey by the way,and the packaging is so good that LP cover and itself is in a very good shape...
  15. Oh gosh i hope i deliver soon after its release...
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