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  1. The show was amazing! I'd also like to echo thanks to the Rose Bowl security for an orderly GA line. I got there at 10:20 AM and ended up three rows back from Larry on the b-stage/joshua tree. It was the perfect spot. I got to see the band up close and the beginning and end of the show, but was far enough back to fully take in the giant screen for the performance of the album. The whole show was incredible. Hope everyone going to night 2 has a blast!
  2. I'm not sure if I should be mad at the people who decided they had to line up on their own the day before or at the Rose Bowl for honoring such a thing without e-mailing about that being an option. I hope this is like 360 again and when they get there, the Rose Bowl doesn't actually honor it. This is so dumb.
  3. U2 have always been political and have always expressed their political/social views live. It's the difference between artists and entertainers. There are plenty of acts that just want to entertain and they'll be happy to take your money. Artists have a message. There job is to do something bigger with their art form. That's always been U2. Look, if you're a long time fan, something tells me your views/leanings have shifted recently and maybe now for the first time you find yourself on the opposing end of U2's views when it comes to what's happening in America right now. Otherwise, how are you
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