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  1. It's true. It used to be when they would get close to the crowd it was a sea of arms out towards them, cheering and screaming. Now it's a bunch of arms just pointing a camera at them. Bono has always been one to feed off the crowd. It has to have affect.
  2. Yeah...it was frustrating last night. A lot of my time watching them on the b-stage(where I was) was spent trying to peer around cellphones. At one point Bono was right in front of me and I couldn't actually see him because of an iPhone 7 Plus periscoping the moment blocking him out. It's sad I can be at the concert and have to look at someone's phone screen to be able to see what is right in front of me. I think people should take a few pictures and then just enjoy the show.
  3. The show was amazing! I'd also like to echo thanks to the Rose Bowl security for an orderly GA line. I got there at 10:20 AM and ended up three rows back from Larry on the b-stage/joshua tree. It was the perfect spot. I got to see the band up close and the beginning and end of the show, but was far enough back to fully take in the giant screen for the performance of the album. The whole show was incredible. Hope everyone going to night 2 has a blast!
  4. I'm not sure if I should be mad at the people who decided they had to line up on their own the day before or at the Rose Bowl for honoring such a thing without e-mailing about that being an option. I hope this is like 360 again and when they get there, the Rose Bowl doesn't actually honor it. This is so dumb.
  5. Just got the e-mail from the Rose Bowl. I don't entirely understand how they're running this. So, lineup begins at 8 AM, but parking doesn't open until 2:30? It says they're going to open up Lot 6 at 8 AM for GA floor only. I already bought the General parking being sold on the Rose Bowl's website. It says the parking is at a golf course. So, will they let me park in Lot 6 with that or can I not park until 2:30 with the parking I paid for?
  6. I'm sorry, but unless the Rose Bowl are the ones doing the numbering, that's very unofficial and likely to get thrown out tomorrow, as it should.
  7. Agreed. Paid membership into the fan club isn't really a true barometer of "dedication". I say this has a paying member since it launched.
  8. I was at the 360 Rose Bowl show. We got there at about 9 or 10 AM and were #539 in line. The Rose Bowl came through and sharpies everyone's number on their hands. Thankfully they had food stands and portable bathrooms set up outside the stadium. Even with the line madness and the door rush, we ended up fourth row from the front of the stage inside the inner circle. So my two cents, don't burn two days of your life camping for the show. You're going to get in and have a fine spot coming that morning. Also, wait and see what the Rose Bowl puts out information wise. Something tells me after th
  9. U2 have always been political and have always expressed their political/social views live. It's the difference between artists and entertainers. There are plenty of acts that just want to entertain and they'll be happy to take your money. Artists have a message. There job is to do something bigger with their art form. That's always been U2. Look, if you're a long time fan, something tells me your views/leanings have shifted recently and maybe now for the first time you find yourself on the opposing end of U2's views when it comes to what's happening in America right now. Otherwise, how are you
  10. I logged into it right at 9 AM and entered my resale code. It found me two GA tickets just fine. You only get one minute to confirm you want the tickets. I confirmed and then paid. I was a little nervous since I missed being in the red hill group by a day(i renewed on dec 25th). It worked out just fine. I hope everyone else had as easy of a morning for the Rose Bowl show!
  11. Mine lapsed last year and I didn't realize it. I honestly thought I had renewed. I renewed on Dec 25th. So I was just a day short keeping my long time status. I really hope I haven't screwed myself out of GA tickets. I can't afford decent seats. GA is the only way to be close and stay within my budget. We'll see how it goes on Thursday I guess. I hope this isn't the first time I don't get to see them live.
  12. I guarantee a BB King tribute will be added in now somehow.
  13. I saw pictures of stands of merch setup outside. So could you buy your stuff, take it back to the car, then hop in line for GA? That's what I'm hoping/planning to do come LA.
  14. I'm even more excited after reading/seeing about opening night. The stage setup now makes perfect sense. This may be an even better GA experience than 360 was. A great setlist, the band sounds like they're in good form, and again they bring something visually creative to the tour. I'm also glad to hear you don't have to line up at the crack of dawn to get a good spot in GA on this one.
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