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  1. Unknown caller...it's been on repeat for like half an hour...I'm addicted, I think I need a U2 rehab programme to get me back on the straight andnarrow...i.e being able to turn any U2 song off.....
  2. I don't really agree but I see your point. At some times he has had problems reaching the high notes for example but times like that are generally few and far between, I've got to be honest he'ssinging aswell as everybody is playing = brilliantly! x
  3. Hello, Hello...HOLA! I'm back, not that many of you will have noticed I ever went in the first place haha. I've been so busy with college and a few projects im working on. Despite my pathetic post-count i've been on here something like 5 or 6 years haha. Has everyone been kept as amused as I have by Edge's twitter pictures with no names? haha =]
  4. I am loving all these tattoos!! Agt01 that half sleeve is incredible! x
  5. Ive got a few, here is the link to them: http://www.postpoems.com/members/crazycoffeethief/ a few for you here: War Guns are loaded up with bullets, Orders pass down through the ranks, Apprehensions arethrown down to one side, Time for Soldiers to show their worth, Fight for the country of their birth, In memory of their family and friends, Mr Blair and Mr Bush decided to give the final push, Kill our men for weapons non-existent, Chemical weapons they were there! (according to Tony Blair) oh come on now there is no time to check! Why dont we slaughter thousands of men, Sig
  6. I have a simple "u2" aswell haha. On my leg, and its obviously going to nip abit but its hardly anything!
  7. haha on the other arm i have a heart banner on my wrist... (dont wear your heart on your sleeve) haha
  8. Wow thanks for all the feedback Liz that is really cool who designed that?! It's really impressive! My tattoo took about half an hour haha. The pheonix is lovely! X
  9. Aww thanks! that means alot!
  10. haha oh dont apologise, Ive had tattoos since i was 15, Im now 19 as of a week ago on Sunday haha, 4 years! and my first was the simple words "U2" with a dragon above! see, I AM crazy haha, U2 have helped me through a LOT of crap in my life, including my fathers death and kept my head above the water so hell why not
  11. ha! Oh that video is amazing! haha your so lucky! You certainly looked like you were having a blast and I must say you and your lovely wife make a lovely looking couple! I bet you were the envy of the other audience members!
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