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  1. I'm in the MGZ on Saturday and have had concerns about its location and view of the screen/stage for some time. How far back does it go? Was it crowded? Is there any advice you can give on where's best to stand / time to arrive / when or where to move? Overall it seems the mood music is that the RedMG Zones are not worth the money. I accept it's for charity but there has to be some incentive at least!
  2. Have the exact same query myself. I have MGZ tix for Dublin but it looks as though they actually provide the worst views! Right down the length of, or oblique to, the video screens too. Not sure who exactly to ask for clarification either.
  3. Joke. Same for myself. I have my presage code but I never received an email. Is this the problem?..
  4. Jut like the extravagance of the Popmart rig, These giant claws working their way around the globe have been born and bred for a blast of Mofo, Gone or dare Isay it Discotheque. Boston 2. With the yanks for the first time. Let's get that glitterball in play and ONE GIANT BIG LEMON ON THOSE 360's!!! I'm not comin' down.
  5. Already posted earlier in the tour. Shocking that they've not played some tunes from this album. Hopefully they'll shake it up for the states.
  6. Ha! Good stuff MacF - Great to see some footie banter around here. Fans of liverpool and the current Champions of England and the world can get quite worked upover the smallest things! Like who's bigger, better and more successful. Let's face it though - your own league and country is your bread and butter: United - 18 titles, 11 FA Cups, 3 League Cups = 32 trophies. liverpool - 18 titles, 7 FA Cups, 7 League Cups = 32 trophies. Yeah the scum has the march in Europe at the moment and that hurts, but even the hardest scouser knows that's just being petty and it's under threatbig time.
  7. Cheers IceMan. Taking in my first show stateside on the Monday with the brother in law and his crew. Can't wait. If it even touches Croke 1 just the onceI'll be in dreamland! How long does it take to get there from city centre and how's best to get out? And weather report please? Hourly!
  8. 'This is a song the scouse stole from Celtic. We're stealin' it back.'
  9. It has simply got to go. Not sure if the lads are footie fans, but someone who is better have a word in their shell like before they hit the UK. It may beinnocent but it paints colours to masts in English Football!! Trivial maybe, but personally it hurt!
  10. Cheers! Made me watch Jonathan Ross tonight! Waiting for the boys to come on now. thanks again and congrats!
  11. I was only just wondering why there's a dearth of tunes from Pop on ANY of the set lists so far. Pop is an excellent album with fantastic tracks just made for a stadium tour. I think the 'unfinished' thingy just makes them even better! Who needssomeone in a studio polishing away all the goodness! Hey! Hewson, my man! We'll have a large slice of Gone for the first night in Croker, OK? Much obliged ole chap.
  12. Go do what you do best lads. AND GET THAT SHOW FINE TUNED BEFORE CROKER!!! We Irish expect... Best of luck boys and see you on the 24th!
  13. Yeah that would be pretty awesome. Consider yourself lucky. The boys homecoming gig, 24 July in Croker, and they throw Glasvegas at us, Unbelievable shite forsuch a big gig...
  14. Drinking in a field in the early eighties, a friend of mine started playing a dodgy cassette version of Under a Blood Red Sky. As I lay back trying to countstars with a spinning head, the riffs of a young yet unblunted Edge hit me for the very first time. Electric Co, I Will Follow, NYD, SBS. Well on that night, those stars tickled my aural nerves with such an addictive sensation that I knew I'd found a drug for life. Shortly after I think Icaught some of the vids of those songs, (good aul MTV and MT USA) and put faces to the sounds. give or take two years later, I was jumping around Croke
  15. The ability to see and understand, rather than just seeing. He ain't heavy, he's my Bono...
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