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    Music. Gigs. Fishing. Football. Astronomy. Beer.
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    New Years Day.
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    Wembley Arena. (Joshua Tree tour).
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    Pink Floyd. The Killers. Prodigy. Etc. Etc.
  1. There you go it`s out there.
  2. Just been to the takeaway at the top of the road and heard a guy shout "you two eedjits can feck off and so can that cnut bono". What the feck was that about?
  3. Hitching a lift wont be a problem as it`s twice the size of the other one. Thanks for the sympathy though.
  4. I have hacked into my thumb Cheryl. This does not render me disabled but a bit of sympathy wouldn`t go amiss.
  5. Can I have some stars? I`ve got none, I feel like crying. Also I chopped a chunk out of my thumb with my axe which hurt loads. This alone deserves some stars. Thanks in advance. X
  6. Hello all from shitty Cheltenham. UK.
  7. [quote name='basher1 wrote: Adamseyes']I am going to have a look around now and try not to be scared xx what do you get if you become a member?xx Totally ripped off to be honest. And a shitty CD. Hello by the way.
  8. Yes. I remember him. Oh wait. No. No I don`t remember him.
  9. Yes I`m on facebook I`ll pm you my name if you want. There`s pics from Cardiff 09 and Frankfurt on there. And yes I was a bodybuilder many years ago.
  10. [quote name='Zhivvy wrote: barbara1 wrote: Zhivvy']She's a bossy one the badgirl!!!! (bad influence too - led me astray, I was sweet and innocent til i met her!) OMG!!!! you're still pulling this trick on the newbies, are you??? give him a couple of weeks, my dear, and he'll know pretty quick just how 'innocent' you are! sweet, yes (if you put an effort in!) innocent?? think u stopped being that like 36 years ago 'Trick'??? what trick, sweetness and purity I am!!! Don't believe what you hear from Barbara - none of it is true!!!! I`m old enough and wise enough to
  11. Give me a chance I`ve got to find it first.
  12. [quote name=barbara1]by mixing andrews thread, i meant, since we have made this a new members introduction meeets hotseat-thread, can we maybe make it a 'new members introduce yourself meets hotseat meets how did your appearance change'-thread. i know the name is a bit long, but it just means can we see an old and a new pic of you? but reading your post, i wonder if you figured out how to post pictures in here yet?Yes. Me too. I think. Give me a walk through and I`ll try. Tell me what to do to post pictures and I`ll show you some of them. I have only got a few concert photo`s that are worth po
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