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  1. SOE breathtaking and enchanting. full of emotion.

  2. Track listing I think, what track did you get?
  3. Friday = Kygo Remix! :)

  4. really good performance, watched in my lunch break don't you love how excited Jimmy Fallon gets
  5. ahh that's a shame, thanks Max.
  6. can we get blackout yet on Itunes, spotify etc......? or are there any plans to release it?
  7. just got it on itunes!!! it appeared yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. looks like 1pm in the UK if you convert 8am EDT
  9. will have a listen! wonder when the general release is.
  10. i wanna know this as well ive been hunting round on itunes since before 8am today but i think its a later time than that for release in the UK.
  11. You’re the best thing about me :Zoo_Flower:

  12. At first i just wasn't sure but it's grown on me and the chorus is really catchy. It sounds like even better than the real thing at the beginning. I prefer the best thing and little things to blackout at the moment but that could change after a few listens.
  13. waiting for the blackout :)

  14. "You’re the best thing about me":Zoo_Angel:

  15. An Cat Dubh -Into the Heart (another time, another place 1980)
  16. amazing interview, really enjoyed it. Zane has such a great way of interviewing. It was more like drinks at a friends house than an interview.
  17. i had the same thought yesterday, i thought the IE stage was brilliant and i loved the way the band walked from one side to the other. The people that create the sets are genius, just amazing visuals every time.
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