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  1. Friday = Kygo Remix! :)

  2. You’re the best thing about me :Zoo_Flower:

  3. waiting for the blackout :)

  4. "You’re the best thing about me":Zoo_Angel:

  5. An Cat Dubh -Into the Heart (another time, another place 1980)
  6. amazing interview, really enjoyed it. Zane has such a great way of interviewing. It was more like drinks at a friends house than an interview.
  7. i had the same thought yesterday, i thought the IE stage was brilliant and i loved the way the band walked from one side to the other. The people that create the sets are genius, just amazing visuals every time.
  8. yes release little things! ive just about learnt the words now Adam said "We planned Songs of Experience as an indoor tour; we just don’t think it’s something that would work outdoors. The Songs of Innocence (arena) tour two years ago was really powerful and really touched people and touched us. We wanted to continue that intensity and I think that’s what we’re going to try to do." totally agree, i loved IE and cannot wait for a return to indoor arenas with the Experience tour. I loved Joshua Tree tour but IE was really powerful and emotional and being smaller made it a great visual and personal event for me.
  9. still runnnnnnnnnnnnnning, still runnnnnnnningggggg

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