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  1. when do you announce the winners of the contest "Unforgettablegig" ? best wishes
  2. Is was on the 9th of June 2004, already ten years ago. We were visiting Dublin and came at the Hanover Quay Studio at noon. The weather was nice and we were sitting on the bench in front of the studio, waiting to catch a glimp of the guys of U2. Suddenly Bono opened the door and called out our daughter's name: "Brenda, Brenda, come to Bono, come here my sweet girl!!" (Sam, who met us already a couple of times in Dublin, must have told Bono the name of our daughter). Oh my, this was a moment never to forget. She jumped into his arms and Bono played with her for 15 minutes, he looked at the drawing she had made for him. She also gave him a little teddybear. Later we were so excited to see there was a picture of the little teddybear in the booklet inside the special edition of How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb. This moment we will never forget. It's alreay 10 years ago but it feels like it happened yesterday. Bono, thank you for this 'Beautiful Day'! #unforgettablegig
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