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  1. Hi, I'm not a hipster douche, why would a vinyl offer interest me?
  2. I don't know how much attention the band pays to the web site or what goes on here but they should be embarrassed. U2 is the biggest, if not greatest, band of the past 30 years and one of the best of all time and this is how they treat their most loyal fans? I didn't renew my subscription when I saw what Artificial Horizon was and I won't be starting it back up this year.
  3. [quote name='joshthetree wrote: fykes']Has the 'Duals' CD shipped yet? They havent even been printed yet - Baja cool if that's the case pelase make sure they don't include 'slow dancing' with Willie Nelson, 'I'm not your baby' with Sinead O'Connor, 'Tower of Song' with Lenard Cohen, 'One' with Mary J. Blige and all the usual twaddl ethat we've already got give me some 'love will tear us apart' with arcade fire, what does anyone else want??? A thousand times this, if it's something that any U2 fan who would sign up/join this website probably already has don't insult us by putting it on this CD. Half of Artificial Horizon was stuff already released has b-sides which was one of the many reasons I didn't renew last time round
  4. R&H needs a remaster with all the extra tracks, especially the stuff from the movie that wasn't on the album
  5. Just curious on what everyones favorite b-sides are and/or songs that U2 has covered? I was just going through all my cd's and I forgot just how many great covers U2 has done. I totally forgot about Pop Muzik, but the only version I have is nearly 9 minutes long, I could have sworn I had a shorter one.
  6. You want confusing? In "out of Control" Bono sang "I woke the world with bawling, I was so sad" then 30ish years later it's "From the womb my first cry, it was a joyful noise" from Magnificent. make up your mind Bono were you a happy or sad baby?
  7. Elevation Beautiful Day Saints are Coming Walk On Vertigo City of... Sometimes You can't.... All Because of You Electrical Storm Hands That Built... Magnificent and that's about it
  8. When I was 10 I despised U2, my folks had bought me Michael Jackson's Bad album and being 10 I loved it. The Joshua Tree won the Grammy beating Bad and Iwas has outraged as only a ten year old can be. 5-6 years go by and I'm taking the bus to school and the radio station plays songs like Pride, EvenBetter..., etc and the songs get stuck in my head, more specifically Edge's guitar. I bought Achtung Baby in January of 93 and never stopped
  9. I'd like to hear Exit or Love is Blindness, maybe they've reworked(again) something from Pop. Hold Me, Thrill me....?
  10. Best: U2, Live, Disturbed, Godsmack Worst: Eve 6, I can't remember all the bands on the bill but it was one of those 80's hair metal tours, Whitesnake? Cinderella? the only good performerwas Kip Winger acoustic
  11. And it starts sometime around midnight... The Airborne Toxic Event
  12. Anyone renew and get their cd yet? I renewed on Feb. 24th and the email I got said it would be shipped in a day or two but here I am March 17th and I'mstill waiting. Anyone know if it's back ordered or where I can find out what's up?
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