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  1. I understand it wasn't really a lottery, but some folks were told it was by either U2.com or Ticketmaster.
  2. I think credit card entry was more effective than "Verified Fan" at slowing down scalping. Although I know prepaid credit cards worked were used to get around that..
  3. Calling fellow fans sad and that they think they are special is wrong. I'm done discussing though; enjoy the rest of your day.
  4. I'll leave it as disagreeing to disagree. Based on the reactions here and on Twitter, it should be obvious to the U2 organization that they alienating their fans. A petition from atU2 or other fansite will (in my opinion) not add anything to that conversation. Constructive and diplomatic feedback through atU2's contact may, and Sherry has indeed indicated they are doing that.
  5. Holding back GA = people forced to buy more expensive seats if they want to see the show. The GA's are reasonably priced and will sell regardless. The same is not necessarily true for a $390 ticket. I would like to believe that's not the intent of U2, but I would think Ticketmaster and LiveNation has this down to a science.
  6. That is very unfair to atU2.. They are fans themselves, and are equally frustrated. Sherry has posted here, and been vocal on the Twitter feed. What would a ranting article possibly accomplish?
  7. I sent a note to U2.com expressing disappointment, and requesting the early renewal of my membership be cancelled. I told them I have stuck with my membership through non-touring years solely to get best possible access to GA tickets, and that I won't be renewing unless I visible changes are made for future pre-sales. Under current management, losing fanclub revenue is the only thing I can think of that could change minds.
  8. I have to say I agree with the title of this topic. I just noticed that the subscription bundle description says it includes ZOOTV discs from the 1993 Popmart tour. It's a small thing, but still just doesn't seem right on a U2 fan site. A few years ago my wife bought me t-shirts off the site that shrunk in the first wash. The customer service response was that they were decorative t-shirts not meant to be worn, even though the description on the site said nothing of the sort. Subsequent complaints were never answered. Just boggles the mind. At least the subscription gifts have been great the last few years!
  9. Sorry, but the song isn´t out yet It is called Kingdom, and will be on U2´s next album that will potentially be released before the end of the year, or some time next year. Â
  10. Steelerfan wrote: OK, reading your words makes me fall asleep.......we don't put words in YOUR mouth...you spew enough words every time you post for everyone! Wow. Nasty. And unnecessary. I think you need to get your eyes checked considering these rumours have been flying around for a while, and some instigated bythe band themselves. Bono has hinted at a European tour next summer, however, this interview seems to suggest South America/Australia legs are much morelikely: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/8201157.stm Would love to have them back in Europe, but doesn't sound like that is likely to happen.
  11. nickyh1 wrote: Hi there. Just wondering what the seats to the side of the stage are like for this tour. I'm in Block127 at Wembley which is the to left hand side of the stage in the lower tier. It's behind the Red Zone so I hope it sounds/looks good there. Anybody who has been to one of the gigs around Europe and sat in a similar position? You will have a fantastic view, as you'll be close enough to the stage to see the band clearly, but will be far enough away to enjoy the claw. Have abrilliant time!
  12. mpontello wrote: The Wembley Stadium website, has said for 14th Aug, that gates will open at 4:30. U2 to come on stage at 8:15. If gates open at 4:30 and I want to get inside the claw (GA), what time do people recommend is a good time to start queing up outside to ensure I gaurantee getting at the front? Guaranteed at the very front probably means you need to start queuing in the early morning, say 8 or 9. If you just want to get in the pit, in Dublin I got inon the Saturday by queuing at 3 PM (although I was one of the last 50 people to get a wristband). I'd say get there by at least noon if you want to beabsolutely sure to get in the pit.
  13. I agree! Even before reading this thread, I thought to myself that Magnificent would be what they kick off with. Then they will go into Boots second. Sincethey started with the up-beat first single on the outdoor leg last time, I think they will do something slightly different this time!
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