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  1. We'll shine like stars in the summer night

  2. [quote name='agt wrote: cathkel'] I love this one. It's been Inked really well and represents what it's supposed to, so many tattooist can't get the little things 100%. This ones perfect.Thanks agt..i stressed to my tattooist that it had to be perfect or else it was pointless getting it done. He had done "Achtung Baby" on his friend a few days previously so he knew it was U2 related. Il be going back to him again soon to get another one done
  3. [quote name='Zhivvy wrote: cathkel'] Love it!!!! That is so good - and love the style of writing for AB too! Where abouts is it? Its on my hip Zhivvy. Its quiet large,,,about 4"x5"
  4. Look what i found when Googling U2 Tattoos, some cool pics here.
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