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  1. I sent an email. I'll let you know if I get a reply. Tried calling the number but can't connect. Tried adding 011-81 to this number listed on u2.com TEL: 0570-06-9919.
  2. On this site https://www.u2japan2019.com/ (official??) it says guest have to be with purchaser for RED ZONE but doesn't say that for any other type of ticket.
  3. Ok, thank you everyone. You provide a great service.
  4. A friend of mine is moving to Tokyo this summer. I want to buy him and his wife tickets for the Tokyo show in December using my presale code. Unfortunately, I cannot afford to go too, so will he have any trouble getting into the show?
  5. Leaving Rochester, NY on Nov. 7 for Dublin4. Planning to do 2 day trips, one on Friday to Belfast and one on Sunday to Cliffs of Moher. Anyone want to split a tour with another couple?
  6. From Rochester, NY (just about GTA) going to see Dublin4 . Staying for 4 nights....going to do a couple day trips. One to Belfast, one to Cliffs of Moher. Interested? !
  7. Hello Mods...this is a copy of the letter I recently sent to TM, but have not received a reply: Good Evening I would like to revisit this case where TM canceled my order due to a ticket limit violation. This is what happened in order of events.... 1. I ordered and received 2 Chicago general admission U2 tickets using my presale code I received from U2.com using the TM iphone app. using a credit card shared by my wife and I. 2. I ordered 2 NYC general admission U2 tickets using the iPhone app and my wife's presale code. 3. After receiving confirmation of the tickets, I realized tha
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