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  1. I sent an email. I'll let you know if I get a reply. Tried calling the number but can't connect. Tried adding 011-81 to this number listed on u2.com TEL: 0570-06-9919.
  2. On this site https://www.u2japan2019.com/ (official??) it says guest have to be with purchaser for RED ZONE but doesn't say that for any other type of ticket.
  3. Ok, thank you everyone. You provide a great service.
  4. A friend of mine is moving to Tokyo this summer. I want to buy him and his wife tickets for the Tokyo show in December using my presale code. Unfortunately, I cannot afford to go too, so will he have any trouble getting into the show?
  5. Leaving Rochester, NY on Nov. 7 for Dublin4. Planning to do 2 day trips, one on Friday to Belfast and one on Sunday to Cliffs of Moher. Anyone want to split a tour with another couple?
  6. From Rochester, NY (just about GTA) going to see Dublin4 . Staying for 4 nights....going to do a couple day trips. One to Belfast, one to Cliffs of Moher. Interested? !
  7. Hello Mods...this is a copy of the letter I recently sent to TM, but have not received a reply: Good Evening I would like to revisit this case where TM canceled my order due to a ticket limit violation. This is what happened in order of events.... 1. I ordered and received 2 Chicago general admission U2 tickets using my presale code I received from U2.com using the TM iphone app. using a credit card shared by my wife and I. 2. I ordered 2 NYC general admission U2 tickets using the iPhone app and my wife's presale code. 3. After receiving confirmation of the tickets, I realized that when I ordered the NYC tickets, I didn't save or lock in the city selection and accidentally ordered 2 more tickets for Chicago. I can assure you, I only need and want 2 tickets for this show. 4. Upon realizing I had 4 tickets for Chicago, I contacted TM and was told they could and would cancel my order and not charge my credit card. This was all fine by me. You should be able to confirm this if you keep track of phone calls/account numbers. 5. Before the order was canceled, I received the above notice about the ticket limit violation and the second order was canceled anyway. 6. When my wife tried to use her presale code again, we were informed of it's cancellation. We were still able to get tickets in the general sale for another show so figured at this point, it didn't really matter anymore. 7. Now U2 is announcing new shows that will have a presale and my wife would like to have her access code reactivated since we never were able to use it. I know that you have worked with U2.com moderators who have worked on behalf of U2.com members (my wife and I are both members) and have reactivated codes in similar situations. I can assure you we are not trying to scam anyone or scalp anything and just want to try to go to another show. Mods, I can provide my wife's name if you think you can help. Thanks.
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