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  1. For years now it's been bugging me (don't mean to bug ya....) what on earth the design of the Rattle and Hum film poster/vhs cover, dvd/blu ray cover is supposed to be... ...I mean, I know it's Bono with that stage lamp shining it on Edge...yes, that I am well aware of (although I have read it's a recreated pose in a studio for Anton to photograph and isn't as spontaneous as it looks)...but, what are the brown streaks supposed to be? Every time I see the image it just drives me nuts...does anyone know?! I note that this design wasn't carried over to the vinyl/cassette/CD release of the "soundtrack" - and if ever there was a misuse of the word soundtrack this is it!
  2. For ages now I have been wishing that U23D would get a home video release - on dvd, or even better, blu ray. I thought with the (now redundant) sudden interest in 3D films that we might see the film released for people to watch at home but it sadly never happened. I was lucky enough to see it on an IMAX screen in 3D when it was released in the UK and it was *almost* like being there (!) and my memories were that there were some great live performances in the film too. I would still be happy for a 2D release of this film - and it must be sat on a shelf somewhere gathering dust...such a shame. At least I was a) lucky enough to see it and b) I managed to get hold of a UK Cinema poster advertising the film too - which must be a rare (I might even part with it for the right price one day!). Is there anything you are aware of, that U2 have recorded or filmed and not released that you wish they would commercially release?
  3. Yes, just noticed these today...hope other cities are added as the stock is returned from being out on the road!
  4. Couldn't agree more!!! Ebay is full of items and I don't want to give my money to them (plus I have no way of knowing if they are genuine or fake).
  5. Hey...does anyone know what happens to unsold merch? Specifically, the t-shirts with the megaphone that were city specific? I never got a chance to pick one up and wish I had from either London or Manchester. Thanks
  6. I quite liked the physical stage setup for I+E/E+I with a stage at each end of a runway but the screens just didn't work for me. Too often the screens actually stopped me seeing the band performing. Personally, I would prefer a wider runway through the middle of the floor with two larger round stages at each end allowing clear sightlines for everyone with no screens blocking and allowing the band (and Bono) free movement to roam and increasing the physical "front row" for all those who want to queue and get a "rail spot" taking some of the stress out of those drama days too.
  7. Still shocked that recently people are still posting on this thread! It seems I touched bit of a nerve!!! Now, we are just one show away from the end of the European leg of Experience and Innocence (and possibly a break for a while) and I have been interested (both as a fan and as someone who attended both Manchester and London shows) to see the evolution of the set list over recent weeks. It felt like Jo O's 40th was a watershed moment where the setlist didn't get ripped up for one night but actually became the first night of real dramatic changes. I would be fascinated to see the comments from the likes of those working with the band and what songs they have had to experience repeatedly that they could live with without! Just as an aside, the camera guy working on the E Stage in Manchester/London (and I suspect most of the European leg) usually to be found filming at the end of the show with the "house/light bulb prop" was dancing and singing along to most songs EVEN WITH a camera strapped to his shoulder! Reflecting back now on the tour and the songs I heard and reading the comments back on here on this thread - it does seem like we still got a lot of those songs many of us could happily live without (the likes of Pride, Elevation, Beautiful Day to name but three) and I must admit that I did miss Streets and never in a million years will City of Blinding Lights be a replacement for me. Like many others, again, I do wish some other songs could get brought into the set - a personal favourite of mine is So Cruel which I miss not hearing. I always thought Yahweh would become a staple of live shows but (as far as I am aware) only survived one tour live....all the songs from No Line have been dumped (or at least I didn't hear them over four shows in October - I really thought Magnificent was, well...magnificent and would have worked well on the E Stage. ...and so, the end is near, and as we face our final curtain.... I do hope U2 come back on the road sooner rather than later...and the debate will start again (!) and perhaps we might see a refreshed set list with some of our choices from this thread taken into account! Thanks for sharing on here if you did - don't feel you can't carry on - I just wanted to stop in and add my view all these months later.
  8. Wow...never thought there would be so many replies - I haven't been on the forum for a few weeks and was stunned to read through...fascinated with the choices people came up with...wonder if the band have seen this and thoughy "oh...interesting!"
  9. I know...I know...but, there must be a song that you think "I don't enjoy this" or you are sick of hearing the band perform live...is there a track you could live without hearing again? With this current tour coming up it will be my 8th tour in a row I have been to...and I gotta say...if I never hear Bullet again I wouldn't mind... I never really connected with it I guess...and I have seen it in various guises...the "lalalalalalahhhh america!" version on Popmart...through the Mark Chapman version during Elevation right to the latest versions with Bono on either side of the barricade during SOI and JT30 But, I do think it is time to retire the song... ...and while we're at it...maybe Mysterious Ways too? So many tracks could take their place that never get a look in...like Yahweh or Walk On or So Cruel... I can't be the only one...what's your (possibly) unpopular opinion for a live track that needs retiring?! Do tell... !!
  10. I didn't even get a confirmation email...see my other topic :-(
  11. Sometimes, being a U2 fan can be a bit disheartening. Most of my mates hate the band, Bono's vocal charity work and acting like he is some sort of musical messiah further switching others off to the band...I was even at a gig where Larry counted the next song in to drown out yet another Bono speech! But, the last 48 hours have driven me a bit round the bend if I'm honest. Up until now, being a Propaganda member and then a u2.com subscriber I have never really had an issue getting the tickets I wanted - always standing (or GA as they seem to be known as now) and despite having my heart in my mouth every single time...the tickets got booked, I have turned up at venues, I have made lovely friends in the queues and spent pretty much every gig on the barrier/rail somewhere and have had eye contact, bottles of water and smiles from the band...not to mention killer photo's to amaze mates. But, the info and the workings of the site over the last couple of days have left me wondering and worried for the future. So, I'm in the UK, only want tickets to European shows but I am still not 100% sure what I am doing with the "verified fan" thing - I'm guessing the "register with a North America Ticketmaster account" is only for those gigs but the FAQ's don't explicitly say this... I know the website is managed in the US but the band is Irish and a large chunk of us are not based in the US or have any interest in gigging in the States. It would be nice to have our needs and area catered for - it just needs one line to say "IF you are outside of the US, we will not require you to do a, b or c for now". But, that isn't the worst bit - I have renewed my U2.com subscription to get my two ticket allocation for the next tour in 2018 somewhere in the UK (we have no idea where or when yet...hope it's not clashing with anything else I want to do!) but when trying to purchase the deluxe CD to get another "code" I decided to purchase from the official shop...the amazon link went to stock that was "unavailable" and the hmv site just looked like the regular page and I didn't feel confident I would be emailed my code in due course. I thought, "be safe, buy direct" even though the postage is extra. Round and round and round the website went - turns out there was a glitch in the UK. Kept sending me back to the front page. Every so many hours I would try and encounter the same. Both on my phone and then on pc. This morning, my phone let me get to see the "checkout" button but it wouldn't let me buy the thing! Logged on my pc and finally made the order. Left the shop page on screen whilst I did other things waiting for the email confirmation to drop through. Except it never did. I made a note of the order number and shut the pc off. It's probably winding it's way through cyberspace I thought. But hours later...nothing. Just to recap, when I renewed my subscription yesterday that went through fine and I got the email. I ended up calling (America, surprise surprise...more cost to me!) and spoke to a lady at ticketmaster who handle the merch...she could find my order so it was "going through" and she would resend the email confirmation but she knew "nothing about a code"... I have no faith I will get this "code" when I need it. I'm left with a real feeling of frustration and worry now - I usually do two or three gigs a tour - at the rate I'm going, I may be lucky to get one...haven't missed a tour since zootv... The band's PR machine says it is all about getting "tickets into the hands of real fans" but they can't even get their website to work properly to get their music into my ears...what hope have we got for tickets?! I'm sure I am not alone in worrying or being frustrated by the site. If any Mods read this, please can you take this in the spirit it is meant - constructive feedback. Let's get the website and the band's management support working FOR the fans and not putting up needless obstacles/vague info.
  12. I took this in Cardiff from the inner circle - to see loads more of my shots from the three shows I saw go to http://www.photoblog.com/ed1973/2009/08/15/u2-360-tour-uk-part-one.html and work through the daily entries! Ed
  13. I took this in Glasgow from the inner circle - do you recognise yourself? - to see loads more of my shots from the three shows I saw go to http://www.photoblog.com/ed1973/2009/08/15/u2-360-tour-uk-part-one.html and work through the daily entries! Ed
  14. I took this in Cardiff from the inner circle - to see loads more of my shots from the three shows I saw go to http://www.photoblog.com/ed1973/2009/08/15/u2-360-tour-uk-part-one.html and work through the daily entries! Ed
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