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  1. Email received here in Alabama Thanks for shopping the U2.com Subscription Fulfillment Store. This email confirms the following items from your order have shipped via Mail Innovations Domestic:Name: U2 Live Songs of iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE 2CDItem Number: Quantity Shipped: 1
  2. I will have 1 extra GA for the show at cost. Must enter with me per the CC rules. Plan to get wristband at 8 and line up around 2 Saturday. PM me if interested
  3. From the venue Access to the floor requires a ticket for the GA floor. FirstEnergy Stadium wristbands to reserve your spot in line will be distributed starting at 8:00am on Saturday, July 1. Every person in your party must come together to get the wristband. Each person issued a FirstEnergy Stadium wristband must return to the CREE Gate between 2pm and 4pm to begin lining up for entry in order of your wristband number. All ticket holders must be together in line before 4pm or the entire group will lose their place in line. Once inside the stadium, floor stairs are located at Sections 104/105 (Red Zone), 107/108, 108/109, 111/112, 118/119, 119/120, 120/121, 121/122, 130/131, 133/134, 134/135. Guests with disabilities who have GA floor tickets should proceed to the SW or NW elevators.
  4. Anyone have any information on this? Thank you.
  5. Howdy! Any word on fans getting together the day before the show?
  6. Wondering how much the tour program is at the shows? The U2 store is selling it for $30.
  7. Keep those pictures and comments coming...
  8. ruffian114 thank you for that picture...can live with that view! Like you say the tent might get in the way when they are on the "tree" stage but the screen is looking great.
  9. Checking on anyone who has limited or obstructed view tickets to one of the shows. Where you able to be moved? We have row A for Tampa at opposite end of stadium that looks to be behind the mixing board setup. Thanks for the information.
  10. Was there in 2003 at the U2 Rock Hall exhibit. Went to Great Lakes too and have the tshirt to prove it still.
  11. This was my first tour and I was fortunate enough to live in New Mexico in 1987. 10 April Las Cruces 7 November Denver 19 and 20 Tempe What a year!
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