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  1. Expected release date: 2021 Starting in 2016 where the band will go door to door and hand you the album in the Hand the Album To Each Person Tour ending in 2021!
  2. Come from Chicago dammit. Nowhere else. Somehow I"m in North Dakota, I mean I know I work in video advertising. And in North Dakota. I don't get it. HOping to leave in about 10 months.
  3. You know, outside of Even Better, The Fly, and Acrobat, the first time I heard Achtung Baby I thought it was extremely boring, and it took Zooropa and ZooTV in Sydney to love it. Sign of a great era that for me.
  4. And Radiohead makes us wait about as long as U2 does. Though Radiohead has an app game called Polyfauna.
  5. I"m really liking U2's new manager. THis strategy is very much not Paul McGuiness of the 2000's. Hm, that sounds mean.
  6. I know right? I loved that fact. But then I'm a Beach Boys fan down to having the 'Smile Sessions' Boxset and digital copy, multiple copies of their music catalogue and so on. Loved the album, but not sure what the stand out song for me is yet, gotta listen to it obsessively first. *sigh*I'll also get the physical copy in October.
  7. As well they also want to make money, you can't live on happy thoughts and sunshine after all.
  8. It's kinda weird not seeing Paul McGuiness as Manager in the liner credits now.
  9. Love how self aware he is about how he always says a new album is coming.
  10. The opener to sleep like a Baby Tonight reminds me of some early Simple Minds.
  11. You can get iTunes in Googleplay.
  12. And Bam. U2 just did an awesome thing again. Brilliant album. Don't care if there's no tour news. Don't care about rumors of retirement. Don't about complaints. It's a new album. I love it.
  13. No, in that you're right. Yes in that, most of us aren't surprised that u2.com won't report anything ever until after the actual event. Because of reasons. Tis why I am a free member and not paid.
  14. Also, the Guardian which is not some tabloid said the Billboard article is fake. So there you go.
  15. As they well should. Can understand the new u2 fan blowing a gasket, but some of you 15+ years of being a fan….fans should know better by now.
  16. yep and Rolling Stone jumped on that with the same info..got to love "a spokesman for U2" who goes by the name of anonymous http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/u2-rep-denies-album-delays-20140310 Usually Gavin is the source close to the band. According to my wife. Who used to go here as Eyeball/Sonicfungus.
  17. If U2's album comes out this year? In June? Yes. Thanks, it's my cat.
  18. Jerk! And I made a whole big post for nothing then! Or did I? IF you're right, then I can tell my wife that IIIIII was right. Because I just kinda assumed that the album halting was just a rumor that went to far.
  19. Don't think so ! Your statement is sustained by what ? Nothing really. I'm pretty sure I just wanted to be annoying, can't remember now. I'm pretty sure my point was Radiohead takes forever all the time. HEre's the thing, they didn't say the album would be released on this date in 2014, just that it was tentative in June 2014. They hoped in June 2014. It should be some time in June btw 'We don't have a name for the album yet, but we have seven core songs!' So fans blowing their heads over what is basically a lot of tentative and hope so's over an album they have yet to name is just a little silly. I could've said that yeah, but I've been to Zootopia since 2004, U2 fans on the internet, and fans on the net in general, are the least logical and cool headed people. Between Leave Behind and Atomic Bomb you have 4 years, between Bomb and Horizon you have 5, 2 between Pop and Behind, 4 between Zooropa and Pop (Soundtracks doesn't count in this instance) ZOOROPA was a companion album to Achtung which came out 3 or 4 years after Rattle and Hum, Joshua tree till Achtung you have at least 4 years. And for as long as I've been a U2 fan there have always been album release rumors, hell I remember a friend of mine losing his mind every time Million Dollar Hotel Sountrack was announced and it didn't come out. There was always that rumor that U2 were going to come out with an album, and I"m sure that happened in the 80's, and the 90's as well (wasn't into U2 till 1999. So there's that) Boy-War came out all on top of each other because they were a brand new band and in their 20's, without families, without responsibilities and so on so they could make a new album every year. Now they can't. So what do you people want, the band to all get divorces, drop every other obligation, and just slave away in the studio so you can have your precious U2 album every year or two? Because oh my god you people are a selfish lot. Does it suck they aren't releasing an album this year now? Not really, it'll be released when it's released and I bet you Macfoley's left arm HALF of you will complain that it doesn't live up to your standards.
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