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  1. Something is about to give I can feel it coming I think I know what it is I'm not afraid to die I'm not afraid to live And when I'm flat on my back I hope to feel like I did Cause hardness, it sets in You need some protection The thinner the skin I want you to know That you don't need me anymore I want you to know You don't need anyone, anything at all Who's to say where the wind will take you Who's to say what it is will break you I don't know which way the wind will blow Who's to know when the time has come around Don't wanna see you cry I know that this is not go
  2. justsonia

    GA line-up

    run like hell when the doors open! hehe
  3. Yeah, what's up with this anyways? I get logged out so often I can't be bothered trying sometimes. Does anyone else have a really hard time reading the red and black or is it just my old eyes?
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