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  1. While many of us are not here as often as we once were and may disappear for long stretches of time, I don't think we could give it up entirely. Every now and then, I check in to see what's going on.
  2. Trying to find my way around here myself. It's a little confusing but I'm starting to find things. At least I got an avi up so that's progress, I guess.
  3. I don't find it alarming that they weren't involved. I thought briefly they might with Bono being a part time resident of NYC but, I don't have any ill feelings toward the band for not being involved. It isn't necessary for them to jump to the aid of every catastrophe in the world. I think the Jersey Shore had it's reps musically with Bruce and JBJ and quite honestly with a full line up like this: Bon Jovi, Eric Clapton, Dave Grohl, Billy Joel, Alicia Keys, Chris Martin, The Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band, Eddie Vedder, Roger Waters, Kanye West, The Who and Paul McCartney. U2 wasn't really all that missed.
  4. [quote name='Camucha wrote: redandwhitepebble'](((HUGS))) to Lady Laura xx mmm What did I miss??? ((((Laura)))) long time no see embedding is not working ... Camucha!!!! xoxo
  5. Hey Spicy! I just happened by today! Thanks for thinking of me. Hope all is well with you.
  6. One more time for those who still seem to think the title of this movie is supposed to be a personal affront to Bono. The title came from a play on words from Bono himself. Taken directly from the book: "The problem with knowing you is that you've done everything I ever wanted to," Neil once complained to his famous friend. "I'm your doppelganger," Bono replied. "If you want your life back, you'll have to kill me." Now there was a thought... Get it? It's meant to be tongue in cheek... it's a joke. Sense of humor and all that. Neil McCormick and Bono are friends and he really doesn't want to kill Bono. *insert massive eye roll here* The original title of the book is; "Killing Bono: I was Bono's Doppleganger". And again, the book is outstanding. I recommend that each and every U2 fan read it, because you'll love it. I would like to see the film however, I'm sure it won't hold a candle to the book.
  7. [quote name='mich40 wrote: Kristaps']Didn't Bono fall off the stage while touring the US and broke his arm, thus the problem with the arm? You can find some of the earlier songs on the Boy Remaster on the 2nd disk. I think there were also some that came with "Rare and Remastered" subscribers CD. And a lot of earlier songs can be found on their live shows that are available online. (Note: I don't remember the songs that were played in the movie, the above is for early songs in general). Treasure / Whatever Happened to Pete the Chop Saturday Night Jesus Christ Things to Make and Do Speed of Life etc... I think they play Street Mission and maybe Cartoon World in the movie (both are real songs). Can't say for sure though b/c I haven't seen it yet. And yes, Bono fell in the States and I want to say cracked his elbow maybe. But wore his arm in a sling for a long time. It can be seen in Rattle and Hum during "Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" I thought it was his shoulder that he hurt? I believe I read he tore all the muscles and tendons in the shoulder when he fell during the Washington DC show on the JT tour. He wore some strap and harness type contraption and the sling over it. There were quite a few shows on the JT tour where Bono had to wear that contraption. I have a couple DVDs from that tour where he is wearing it.
  8. You are kidding, right? The title is from the book and Bono himself had a hand in the play on words and it's flipping hysterical. Did you bother to read the book? The book is fantastic.
  9. [quote name='Zhivvy wrote: ceallach67 wrote: mich40']One word: Facebook. Where you can go and do what you want, say what you want and no one is going to stop you. I think I need a break from Facebook... I kept looking for the "like" button and nearly became frantic when I couldn't find it. Maybe Bono did have something to do with those FB changes we all hate - to get everyone back over here lol! Nah... Facebook is successful and as everyone knows, any business venture Bono gets involved with is anything but successful.
  10. [quote name='Redhead11 wrote: surrenders']I don't see any changes on my FB page. What changes supposedly happened. I don't use any apps or anything on FB cause the more allow stuff on FB the less privacy you have. there's like a scrolling thing to the right near the chat that says all the comments and stuff people are saying. Then they like divided the top news and the recent news in your newsfeed. Basically it made it easier to stalk people, LOLLOL!
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