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  1. Red zone is supposed to be will call only. The tickets will indicate section RZ1 or RZ2 on them.
  2. I bought some. They came up on my 4th-5th search.
  3. Red Zone has always been at very good locations on the floor but not the very best. It means that you don't have to pay for Red Zone to be in the best spots, but if you do pay for it you don't have to line up for hours to get a decent position. I think that's fair.
  4. In that configuration, they use the steps from inside the RZ to see into the main GA crowd.
  5. Those barricade steps aren't for your comfort, they're for security to stand on so they can see the crowd better.
  6. You can use up to two codes per order. I've only been able to use them while on a computer as there's nowhere to enter them in the app.
  7. You can also try to buy another ticket in the general sale (or the CITI presale if you've already signed up for that). Make sure you sign up to be verified for it again.
  8. You can also take the city bus. The #19 United Center Express runs on Madison St in the Loop from about an hour and a half before the show and there will be a bunch of buses waiting outside the arena after the show. These return buses are very crowded but the ride is not that long.. Outside these times, the regular #20 Madison bus runs 24 hours. More info about public transportation is at http://www.transitchicago.com.
  9. If you call them again, try asking for section GAFLR. I think these are somehow not connecting with GA on TM for St Louis. .
  10. I can access the regular Red Hill tickets but not the VIP. There are still GA for all shows except St Louis which isn't showing any for some reason. I doubt it's sold out.
  11. I got GA for St Louis. I cannot pull up the VIP tix though.
  12. I think I saw you with Emma! Which magic moment were they referring to?
  13. I got two identical emails, one 9 days and one 4 days before the show.
  14. I'm taking the 146 bus which stops at the north side of Soldier Field. Will probably walk home afterwards unless the bus line is relatively short. The 146 runs on Michigan Ave north of the river and on State Street south of the river through the Loop.
  15. There's one line for GA and that's where they go in.
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