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  1. Now appears to be fixed I know it's less of a chance than the subscriber pre-order, but money is much tighter and I'm not sure I can swing for the membership again, but I was always going to buy the album.
  2. Just tried all the countries listed, and it seems to be only UK and Ireland that have this problem. Can it be fixed please?!
  3. I was trying to pre-order the album and get in with a chance of this pre-sale, but the current link (http://www.u2.com/soe_eu) takes you to the US Universal Music Store not anything in the UK! There is not even an option to enter an EU or UK address when checking out, as a US state must be selected. Can the correct link please be put back!!!
  4. No GA for Twickenham by the time I got in. Got seats in L10 instead. That's lower tier in the corner. I love U2 but I'm not paying nearly £400 for 2 tickets nearer the stage, and the middle tier is lousy for gigs at Twickenham.
  5. I am still buzzing from last night. For the last week, I've been tweeting to @u2 asking them to play Gloria and 40. I had seen them 16 times - 1st was Leeds on Zooropa in 1993 and last one before yesterday was Rome in 2010. I had never seen them play either song, probably the only two left on my "bucket list". I knew from all the setlists so far in Europe that the pattern meant we were unlikely to get those songs, but I tried anyway. This was my only show of this tour, compared to 7 on 360, though I got married and had children in-between! It would have been awesome for them to pull out those songs for the 2nd Glasgow gig, so I tried. Very nicely, tweeting pretty much everyday this week, asking gently if they could please include Gloria and 40 on Saturday night in Glasgow. I have no idea whether anyone in the U2 organisation would have seen my tweets. I'm sure they get 1000s of notifications and don't read everything. I have no idea whether anything like this would ever be passed onto the band. I have no idea whether they would ever act on something like this. But they did play those songs and it WAS a rare setlist, particularly in a city which only got two shows. I went explosively nuts when Larry started the drum intro to Gloria! Regardless of whether anyone could have influenced the setlist, let alone me and my tweets, it was an incredible pleasure to see and hear them play those songs for the first time live. I will always remember that experience. It was an outstanding gig anyway - the energy in the room was incredible - but this was the icing on the cake. Thanks U2 for making this fan's night.
  6. Very very smooth process - took about 3 mins from start to finish - and got my 2 x GA for Saturday night. Will try for Friday night in the general sale on Monday!
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