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  1. Mine arrived in the mail today. I resubscribed in early February.
  2. I got tickets for Zoo tv, Popmart and Elevation in the public sale. I got better tickets in the public sale for Vertigo. This is the first time I got goodtickets for a presale. My point is that presale doesn't equal automatic access to the best seats. That's a myth and people who think it's the casedon't understand the concept of the the presale.
  3. There are a lot of posts about this. It hasn't been sent to anyone yet. It will be sent whenever it's available but the ticket sales are takingpriority for obvious reasons.
  4. If you had to pay $50 for your membership, then you didn't renew the subscription in time to be in a good position for the presale. That's notu2.com's fault. The renew for an existing membership is only $32. If you paid $50 then you were already expired, hence not getting access to the firstday's presale. I knew the new CD was going to be released in March. My membership wasn't set to expire until February. I kept checking the site for info because Ididn't want to miss the presale. I checked the site more often after I read that the new U2.com site was going up, because they said you need
  5. Calm down, breathe! The sold out designation is for the VIP packages!! Not for the tickets! Read the column headings again more carefully!! There weren't enough tickets held back in the presale to sell out the entire show before the general onsale, so you really need to stop worrying.You're going to be feeling pretty silly once you actually get in there and see that you were able to get tickets, I'm sure.
  6. I chose standard mail for zero bucks as I have done for all shows that I buy on Ticketmaster. It's the best way to go. I never choose to print my ticketsbecause I like to have a physical ticket to keep as a memento after the show. I have a box full of ticket stubs from most of the shows I've attended.Unfortunately one stub I have lost was for Elevation. I wish I could find that one but it's gone.
  7. Ticket prices range between 30-something all the way up to $250. If you chose best available on ticketmaster then they will automatically show you the mostexpensive seats. You shoulda picked the price level you wanted in the level you wanted and searched it that way instead. There are 4 price levels for thisshow, $250 being the most expensive.
  8. Anthony, after you're logged into the site, there are 2 ways you can find your code: First, you can click on the Tours tab and it is there in the middle of the page. Second, if you click on the Profile link in the upper right corner of the page, it will be along the left side of your screen. If your webpage background is gray instead of black, then you're not logged in yet.
  9. Click on the Profile link at the upper right corner of the webpage. Your presale code and group will be listed along the left hand side of the page. That'show you find out whether you're in Horizon, Breathe or Boots.
  10. Click on the Profile link at the upper right corner of the webpage. Your presale code and group will be listed along the left hand side of the page. That'show you find out whether you're in Horizon, Breathe or Boots. Horizon is the only group having a presale today. I'm not sure what the Breathe and Boots schedule is, but I've seen it posted all over the messageboard, so I'm sure you can find it if you look.
  11. Are you sure you're logged in when you click on the tours page? If you're logged in when you click on the tours page, the background will be black. If you're not, it will be gray. The presale code is listed just below the 360 Icon. Also, you can click on "Profile" above the essentials/community tabs at the top of your screen, and you should see the code listed there along theleft side of the page of your profile where you can modify your account information. Just look for it there because unless you really read the info, you mightskip over it.
  12. You guys, this is purely speculation but I believe that the Giants presale did not include GA tickets, only reserved seating in various sections. I'm justguessing here, but I think it's possible that All GAs are being held back for presale use first and then for public sale. I don't know, I'm justtaking a guess, but it would appear that way based on what you have all posted you were seeing when you tried to get those presale tickets using the ACCESSpresale code.
  13. Most likely not. The only time I've heard people being able to get cash back on their tickets is if a concert is outright cancelled without a rescheduleddate. But if you're looking to sell your tickets, there are links in the tours section where you can sell them for the same price you paid. That's evenbetter because then at least someone who really wants the tickets can get them. That would be my suggestion to you.
  14. Ingrida

    Rip Off!

    chrism7 wrote: Never look for "Best available" with Ticketmaster. Always select your block. This is a TM fault not a U2/U2.com one. This is 100% TRUE and it's the reason why people who choose "Best Available" often get screwed, because ticketmaster is the problem,not U2 or U2.com. I can't believe all of these people blaming the band for stuff that is not their fault, it's insane!
  15. I just wanted to mention that I noticed and I really like the fact that the background of all of the webpages is gray until you login, and then it turns black. That's pretty cool and it's an easy way to tell if I'm still logged in at the moment.... or not. Thanks to the web designers for doing that, Ithink it's cool.
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