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  1. There's a large number of people who live in other timezones, myself included, and it's hard to stay up all night for several nights in a row.
  2. Can someone remind me when the band made the statement about switching up the shows from one night to the next? I think The Edge was the one who said it? Next question; did they say it before or after Bono's injury? Reason being, I believe they had ideas in mind for what they were planning to do and they were making these statements based on what they were planning at that time. All the sudden, Bono gets severely injured and is no longer able to play guitar. You can't tell me that didn't impact their setlist plans in some way. It must've had some impact which then forced them to have to switch their plans around. Unforseen circumstances. Guys, can we please give them a break? They've dealt with some heavy stuff since right before the tour and going into the tour. Besides Bono's accident, right before Vancouver, Larry's dad died and Larry had to fly home for the funeral and fly back right away for opening night. Second, The Edge took a spill off the stage on opening night which I'm sure scared them all for a minute and although The Edge is ok, it's not the way they wanted to start the tour. And third, then tragically they lost Dennis Sheehan while on tour. He was a member of the U2 family for 32 years. Yet they are still expected to go out there and put on a show. And let's not forget that there are some songs that are easier to play live. Some songs are harder to play live. So for me personally, if they need to play easier songs so they can get through it without having to worry too much then I'm ok with that. They're just people like we all are and they have been through a lot in a short amount of time. I feel like people are expecting so much from them after they've been through a lot of emotional stuff just to be able to bring us what they have so far. I wouldn't care if they played the same setlist every show if it made it easier for them to get through it. Maybe I'm in the minority here but I am more concerned with the emotional toll all of this has taken on them than to demand they shuffle this around in a way that would be more of a burden on them.
  3. They JUST PLAYED IT IN PHOENIX...first show ..I was there Thanks, I wasn't tuned in for the live feed that night. Hopefully they'll keep it in the setlist.
  4. I just heard Desire on the radio the other day and was thinking that they haven't played it in a while! So great to hear it tonight!
  5. What a legacy Dennis Sheehan left behind. Not just for U2 but for so many other huge bands managing their tours. He was a blessing to many and will surely be fondly remembered and missed by many.
  6. This is absolutely brilliant! We are so fortunate to live in a technological age where we can watch the whole show from far away. I'm feeling really blessed right now and so grateful to those who are live streaming and posting the many amazing pictures! It's a beautiful day alright!
  7. There's an option in the Periscope app to hide the chat comments. It makes it easier to see the feed.
  8. I've seen it divided by sections mostly. Some sections stand the whole time and others don't. It's a bummer if you're in a section where everyone is sitting but you want to stand up (and you can see others across the way dancing and having a great time). But I guess majority rules, unfortunately. But the worst thing is being stuck in near people who talk, or rather shout, throughout the whole show. During Vertigo, I was at my second show stuck up in the rafters and these jerks behind us were shouting with each other the whole time. I finally had enough so I turned around and asked them if they noticed they were at a U2 concert or if they were just going to talk all night. They got mad and started flinging their beers at us the rest of the night. I was so upset and my night was ruined no thanks to those turkeys.
  9. Back when the Vertigo tour was going on, there was a group of people from the fan club here who started an AOL chat room for people to listen to a live feed of the concerts in other cities. Back then I think it was before smartphones were the "in" thing so the sound quality wasn't the greatest. But OMG being able to hear them live from other cities was such a cool thing at the time! Some of you may remember that but it depends how long you've been a member here. This tour, I've watched some of the Periscope live feeds, complete with actual live streaming video and my mind is blown. Like I'm actually watching the show as it's happening! If you told me years ago that would be possible, well I don't know if I would've believed it. But it has been pretty amazing and I'm grateful to those folks who drained their cellphone batteries and spent their data plans to share with their fellow fans. It's so awesome and I'm surprised to see that people aren't more excited about being able to watch those live video feeds of the shows so far this tour.
  10. BAD!! I'm speechless! I'm without speech. This is truly incredible.
  11. So grateful to those who are live streaming! Looks like every seat in the house gets a great view of what's happening. I'm blown away by the incredible stage set up on this tour!!
  12. I think a big reason why there hasn't been a lot of news yet about a second leg is because they are waiting to see how Bono manages with the shows that are already scheduled. His accident was so much more serious that we were initially led to believe, and he's not a young man anymore. He looks like he is still in pain whenever his pictures have been taken or on tv. I think it's possible they might take some time off before doing a second leg to give him a chance to rest, and as a result they haven't released news about the second leg yet. It's likely that, had Bono not injured himself at all (or as severely as he did), they would've already released news about the second leg by now. But because of what happened, they had to scramble around and find a Plan B instead to accommodate the new reality of injured Bono. This isn't an intentional slight on the fans or anything, this is all the result of a terrible accident that took the lead singer out of comission in a very big way, which totally altered all of their previous plans. That's what I think is happening here.
  13. Thank you everyone for your cards! This is always my favorite time of year because I get to hear from all of my fellow U2 fans all around the world. You're all wonderful! :-)
  14. From the pics of the stage that were on Ticketmaster it looked like the main stage would be the one by the Red Zone cause it's the bigger one (the stage at the other end looks too small to be a main stage) but I guess all of this is just speculation anyway until there's some kind of official word. The United Center isn't that big inside so it's not like those are bad seats or anything.
  15. The VIP package seats for Chicago United Center were all coming up on the end of the stage closer to the Red Zone side. I wonder why they would've put the VIP package seats behind the stage? Seems kind of odd.
  16. Yay about getting the tickets!! Boooooo about the jury summons. I suppose it evens out.
  17. If only there was some way in existence that the fans could permanently exterminate all scalpers from existence forever, I think the world would be such a happier place. The only thing I can think of is for everyone across the entire world to never buy another scalped ticket ever again. But how do you influence all of the people enough to stop them from buying from them? No idea. It's hopeless.
  18. I would not stay at that Marriott by UIC because you're going to be hearing ambulances all night long with the hospital being right there plus it's just about the plainest most boring hotel with nothing there for the money you're paying. That Embassy Suites that others have mentioned is nice. I've stayed there and had a few business meetings there. Good location, nice rooms, walking distance to good food, and worth the money to stay there in my opinion.
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