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  1. Paul James I went RZ at $450 , so $ 150 more for VIP at $600 . Me Standing with a great view versus you sitting with a good view . That right there is a difference of at least $100 in a seat versus standing in a mob leaving $50 to say you actually paid for the gift as nothing in this world is free . I got a verbal thank you So many with VIP I’m sure there’s plenty of them records sitting on a shelf not knowing how important this item is . I respect your perspective and hope you understand mine or ours . If the gifts were consistently the same through out all the legs, offered to all fans instead of individual countries, and were exactly noted as a limited vinyl record upon purchase , I would of went VIP and they would of sold more But that’s just me . It is what it is unless we can get a petition which collector groups are considering now to release a red vinyl in the shop with different stickers and packaging and different catalogue numbers . It would sell as good as the gold copy .and not interfere with the original copies in NZ and Japan
  2. Just want to thank you mods as you try to help fans get sorted. But imho, I have never seen presales go as badly since December going back to the Vetigo fiasco of 2004 . I’m sure the veteran mods feel the same . I broke down and got RZ for CT . My wallet is crying due to my insanity . But that had to be the choice today Thanks again for your due diligence on issues!
  3. Have not seen one post of a fan getting a regular ga. They’re breaking down and opting for red zone ga instead
  4. Using phone app and chose any and all options getting nothing in the innocence presale with code given to me last night in email . All I got was the “ sorry” page Sad it being in my back yard of Connecticut
  5. Line actually started yesterday. About 100 signed in with numbers as of this morning. Hope the four day line is just for the opener
  6. Here is an exchange between a secondary ticket site and a real fan playing dumb trying to find answers; Katie S.Hello jeannie. How may I help you? jeanniehi there. im looking at u2 tickets and am wondering how they will work if they are paperless and have to match the credit card they were purchased with for entry? Katie S.I'll take a look for you, which U2 show is it? jeannieinglewood Katie S.For which date? jeannieall of them Katie S.For paperless entry a couple different things can happen, sometimes you need to make a Flashseats.com account and the tickets can be transferred to you, but mostly what will happen is the seller we work with will meet you there and get you in. We guarantee all the tickets you get through us are valid and you won't have a problem receiving them. jeanniewhat is flashseats? 8:43 pmKatie S.Flash seats is a paperless method of receiving tickets. You will need to make an account on flashseats.com and we will transfer the tickets to your account, after which you will be able to connect a credit card or ID card to your account. The card you connect will basically be your ticket into the event. You will receive specific instructions in your e-mail about what you need to do to get your tickets no matter which listing you're interested in. jeannieand that doesnt violate the terms? they are saying if you arent the purchaser you cant get in 8:52 pmKatie S.If that is the word from the venue, then it sounds like the seller will meet you and guide you in. Sometimes they may also be able to give you a prepaid gift card that was used to purchase the tickets to get you in. Either way, our company guarantees all our tickets are valid and will get you in without a problem.
  7. Clearly unfortunate but I do believe this to be true also, nothing will change. Except the fans going with a change in the purchase method.
  8. Thank you for checking Big Wave.. so back to the original point, do you happen to know what is being done about these ticket sites? Or am I wrong for asking because there are no problems? I understand that moderators were notified last night so you are aware, yes?Hopefully this information is handed off to the powers to be, yes? Hopefully the u2.com team will be able to tell fans why this is what it is.. yes? yes, as soon as tickets on reselling sites showed up we began reporting to u2comteam / LN. Not privy to how they act on the info, but know for sure, non-legitimate ticket re-sellers will be shut down. What constitutes a legitimate reseller is something I have asked to be looked at, at the highest level, as it cannot be right, even for a venue recognised re-seller to be scalping real fans (we can all see the prices being asked at these sites). Its not just an issue for U2 fans, this pisses all music fans off big style. Thank you very much for the explanation The valid point you brought up to them is what's so vexing. I hope the highest level / U2.com team , or them through you guys, can follow up with a post having results from this issue. Bottom line, what you said,... it can't be right!.. real fans won't even dare mess around with the conditions and terms of the ticket purchase. They want to hassles getting in, hope it is just that, hassle free..
  9. Thank you for checking Big Wave.. so back to the original point, do you happen to know what is being done about these ticket sites? Or am I wrong for asking because there are no problems? I understand that moderators were notified last night so you are aware, yes?Hopefully this information is handed off to the powers to be, yes? Hopefully the u2.com team will be able to tell fans why this is what it is.. yes?
  10. Thanks for the correction. There was a UK watch dog program that said differently. So much for that, but thanks..... still does not take away the amount of tickets not just from stubhub but tons of sites world wide having them on there... the term "non transferable" or "no resale" is blatantly being ignored
  11. See that's the problem Big Wave, you were able to check, post the status, and is completely different then what TM told this other fan. Could you possibly please check MSG and TD BN for Boston. heard the same, no GA's left in Boston either...
  12. How is it possible to have four nights in NY @MSG and have no GA's left in the second presale? While on Stubhub UK and US have a ton of ticket posts as well as other secondary ticket markets (scalpers). Some were posted BEFORE the first presale. Stubhub is owned by Ticket Master. According to all the terms and conditions of ticket sales, this is contradicting those terms. This is NOT suppose to happen.. What is the benefit of paying a subscription fee, get a presale code and have it be a epic fail?.. I know a lot of fans got them without a hitch, and that's great. I'm happy for them. But there are a LOT of fans going into today's presale that ended up with balcony and upper level seats ONLY at 10:00. This is not as bad, but for some it is comparable to the first Vertigo presale fiasco and the fans that didn't find what they were looking for deserve answers to all of the above.
  13. I've known these two fans a long time and they have a great friendship. Good to see they have brought it to the next level. ;P
  14. To each their own. For me best album since Achtung Baby. Haven'skipped any tracks like the last four albums.. This is where you can reach me is the weakest for me but still better than a lot of stuff out there
  15. Kev, according to Bono "all our albums have been down to the last minute"..when they were with Island, there was a deadline that had to be met. Seems they have more wiggle room with UMG.. Let's take a look at time between albums. They used to average 3 years, then 4 . 2009..the 25th of this past month is 5 years since NLOTH.. they themselves have said the album was an overall flop for them and it gained about 50% U2 fan friendly 2004 Bomb song of the year, plus 4 singles getting radio play 2000 ATYCLB, one huge hit with 3 other singles getting air play 1997 Pop, They felt that was not done the way they could of or would of....Island just wanted to get the product out ...they would like to take another crack at that...regardless of hardly any radio play, it is their most under rated , innovative and adventurous effort,, a fan fave! But to them, an overall flop. Little hard on themselves imo..We as fans embraced it while the masses didn't 1993 3 years before comes Zooropa, an extension of Achtung Baby which was 3 years prior in 1990..both albums providing ample radio play and hits most coming from AB, a masterpiece. 1987 3 years prior to AB comes the Josha Tree with 3 mega hits, a fourth single getting air play with R&H wi hit and 3 more singles.., another masterpiece from JT The list goes on with 3 years wait and the end results are more radio played singles with rushed recorded albums going with a gut instinct.. "it was what it was" ....now instead,they still haven't found what they're looking for and we will wait it out.. I felt OL and Invisible were testing the waters..and watched as both tunes dwindled to the wayside, out of the the 3 million downloads, bet 80% were fans, the other 20% did it for charity.. it has come to a halt in ratings I'll wait but will give my final thought to this.. they have raised the bar in trying to out do their own selves and most fans and music lovers have now raised the bar on them.. read a quote, "it better be as good and popular as the Joshua Tree of Achtung Baby was because there will be great expectations by the band, fans and critics?" ..
  16. just want to point out Principle MGMT has reported losses in the last 4 years..imo, it was a forced retirement at the least http://www.irishexaminer.com/business/profits-at-u2s-management-firm-fall-by-19m-257496.html
  17. yep and Rolling Stone jumped on that with the same info..got to love "a spokesman for U2" who goes by the name of anonymous http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/u2-rep-denies-album-delays-20140310
  18. The last three albums ALL have had a vinyl release...if they re- release just a standard version, then there is no difference to the original vinyl releases
  19. good Mac and hope all is good with you and yours.. you know me bud I like to KRANK my rock and roll, new and old.. if it wasn't for Frozen being played here twice a half hour on top 40 stations, it would never have won the Oscar aside from the fact that Disney tunes rule the Oscars and the show itself being broadcasted by the Disney Corp..bias you think? these top 40 tunes are suppose to be inspiration to young listeners who want to play music? the horror ..and for the sake of humanity I wish they would start to recognize rock as a true form of music. it's changed for the worse .when in the 80's type 40 was indated with rock and dance
  20. JAYSUS! I wanted to delete my double reply and cannot easily navigate a simple delete button..WTF..is this a perk for subscribers or am I just being dumb in not finding it?
  21. I have gone 'beyond my allotted quotes to reply to' which is the message I got so hope Peter and Mac see this Peter, my bad and I apologize for not putting 'top 40' in that statement which was my intention and I now understand your opinion of that statement. I concur with you on those bands and that was my intention to say, they will never have a shot at top 40 ratings because the OVERALL youth of the nation is into electronic pop slop instead of bands that you mentioned and I agree with, which have a lot more substance to them.. it's sad to be in a good rock band and not get popular due to massive 'brainwashing' of poppy tunes being played every 15 minutes that have no substance and quality
  22. I don't disagree with you at all! it's just that it's old news and you're repeating what I said a month ago. You must have missed a news article somewhere or something. Anyway, here's the link below to the very same rant you just had, but I had it a month earlier...I figured out U2's plans and I moved on already which is why this news didn't shock me at all. http://zootopia.u2.com/topic/28222-i-swear-bono-you-have-already-let-me-down-not-done-june-really/ Read especially my first entry (article did say summer back on January 30) and my last entry on page 2 (about the announcement in the Hollywood Reporter http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/category/entities/group-acts/u2 and here about the movie soundtrack... http://www.hitfix.com/news/once-director-reteaming-with-u2-on-new-movie I heard Edge somewhere say that they will be very busy this summer...at first I thought it was the album...but later I read more that they would be busy with the soundtrack helping out their friend. So since everything got put off and since U2 accepted a new project to work on, that's when I said, "Well F*** IT!" That's when I posted on U2.com my adios and see you in the future. That's how I came up with a Fall release two weeks ago...(in my head)...maybe not an album, but at least their first new single to carry us into the new year. Besides, Billboard has been just as wrong in reporting these release dates too. I think somebody from the U2 camp wants to keep the new album on the fire by toying with us and stringing us along with future and unreal announcements. But yeah, U2 should say jack shit and just stay in stealth mode for all I care and don't come out till it's done. Their side work is the reason for delay? pure speculation..does it make common sense? yes in a way it does and I'll give you that much. Them not happy with DM production because Invisible and Ordinary Love dwindled by the wayside and are inviting other producers being the reason for the delay? Pure speculation The timing of the release not in line with tour venues and dates being a reason for delay? Pure speculation 3 albums worth of material should be enough for an album the reason for delay? Pure speculation Seeking high relevancy purposes? Pure speculation I'm going to throw this out there... they announce a delay and two weeks later BAM, it's out which has never been done before ..and the name of the tour will be called 'U GOT PUNKED' NONE of us know the exact reason for the delay and until the band comes out and tells us why with a legit statement, all of this is pure speculation. all are entitled to think what the cause is but don't for a second think your reason is the one. There is no factual concrete info out there to to put merit into anyone;s GUESS of what's going on and why the delay and know one should present themselves as the know all be all reason . Just to note, when a Vertigo leg was postponed, fans were in an uproar until they learn through the grapevine Edge's daughter had medical issues..There was no legit statement made due to privacy which should of been respected but fans wanted to know more as to the reason WHY when it happened. Once again, till the band comes out HERE on U2.com and states a reason for it, you all can speculate as much as you want, but don't think for a second your reason is correct and once again, the end all be all... I'm upset to hear this news from an outside source as billboard and not made here, but let's be honest, the band doesn't care about their fans any longer to give them the time for specifics. I have been in denial for quite some time, but have finally realized my statement is true, they don't care!.
  23. Wrong. On so many levels. why is that Peter? I take it you love the top 40 musical stylings of Katie Perry, Rhianna, Gaga? Other bands such as Arcade Fire, Snow Patrol, Muse ,Cold War Kids, Editors can't break into a top 40 stations rotation because there's no desire from their target audience? Please feel free to elaborate...
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