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  1. You are so right Claire!!! U2 never comes here so they dont know what kind of shit hole this place has turned into these days. You know I have good mine to be a smart ass here with you but I have been around this U2 block for almost a decade now I know the U2 Gestapo when I see one. That's my first post here in months because you cant come here an vent your frustrations without the U2 Gestapo coming out crying about it's not U2. You ever heard the statement "Let people be where they need to be." You should try it sometime! BTW I'm out again but to all my peeps here that I dont see you FB....W
  2. I dont know if you can see this people but over the past 8 months I along with others have been talking down this site. It is a reflection of the band and so to that extent it is U2. Look, these Mofos are already trying to sensor my ass and I havent been here in months. WTF is up with the lines through my post!! SHITE SHITE SHITE!!!!! Roll on Chicago only because of the people I have met...fuck I sent and listen to U2 in bar if all they want is my money!!!
  3. axlsdaddy wrote: It's Sunday April 19th and I just recently got my power back on and my camera fixed so here are a couple of pictures of my house and hound with the 42 inches of snow that fell over the last 3 days. Living at 9,000 feet above sea level has its perks!! Awesome pics!!! Burmese mountain dog?
  4. I have had mine for about two weeks and I had the songs at one time but lost then when hardrive died. I am glad to get them back. Love you like mad!!!!!!
  5. The site just isn't user friendly for a forum. The old site was easy to navigate from the paid to the free boards. I think this is the first time I haveposted in the free section since the switch.
  6. My favorite U2 album was TUF....WIRE electrified me!
  7. If you dont like the way life looks now, flip it upside down!
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