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  1. Me too sounds cool Me too ... based on seniority Pearl Jam & Metallica Rocks !! I will Not Going to See U2 this summer ... That is NOT how the 10 Club works anymore. Members indicate which shows (as many as they like) they want to buy a PAIR for. Then there is a lottery during which member numbers get pulled. Seniority gets you no advantage at this point. IF your name is pulled, then your membership number (seniority) is how seats are allocated. So, their system results in some members getting not even 1 ticket to 1 show, while others get pairs to multiple shows. As a 10C member who has not had his number drawn for the last 3 PJ tours and the last EV tour it won't surprise you to learn that I think their system sucks. 3 days into a members-only sale and people at u2.com are STILL able to get GA tickets. There are clearly issues with how U2.com is executing the presale, but be careful what you wish for. Totally agree - 10C member and struck out last tour along with a few other friends who are lengthy members. I have had success with U2 presales every tour and renew every year when i receive the notice that renewals are open. Definitely not a perfect process but pretty solid for a fanbase the size of U2's.
  2. Thanks - actually it doesn't. My GA tickets say "U2.com red hill group presale" but the Redzone tickets only say "(red) zone package"...interesting - perhaps a mod can chime in on this?
  3. I didn't purchase the extra tickets....just seems odd that it is telling me that I can purchase 2 even though I have already purchased 4.
  4. I just logged onto ticketmaster today to see what's happening with ticket sales....and it's letting me purchase 2 seats for the Toronto show. I purchased on day 1 of the presale 2 redzones for Toronto and 2 GA's for Cleveland.... Are redzones not counted against the 4 ticket limit???? I have heard a few people tell me they have been able to purchase more than 4 tickets with one code? I am tempted to buy the 2 tickets to bring a couple of friends to the show but don't want to run into any issues!!!
  5. I had no issues getting a pair of redzones yesterday right at 9am....it went very smoothly which was a bit of a shocker!
  6. Doesn't make much sense - level 500 is only $35....I think the last row of seats in that level are right against the wall....what section are you in?
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