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  1. I also called today regarding my 2 missing luggage tags and was told 24-48 hours tp ship out the missing items. I was also advised my name was going on a list. It appears based on AJ2's call there is a discrepancy on what they claim will happen. Let's see. They also told me hours ago they would confirm via email and that also hasn't happened. I'm not shocked Jason
  2. Update: I'm in Canada and finally received my order. I ordered on 10/30/20 for reference. The t-shirt, hoodie and masks are amazing. I like most others only received one luggage tag (ordered a set of 3). I'm pissed given I had to wait 90+ days to not get the correct order. Given I paid in full for this order 90 + days ago, I'm at a loss for what to do. I'm thinking a CC charge back. To those impacted, what solutions are being offered from LN to you? Some interesting things I noticed: The package I received contained individually wrapped masks, t-shirt, hoodie however my
  3. I ordered on 10/30. I have sent many requests for an update that have gone without a response. I was charged on the 10/30. I'm being asked to re sub now. This has to be some cruel joke. I'm in Canada for reference and ordered many items. Order U2T#6915 Disappointed Jason
  4. Same here. I'd love to know why but suspect that's not an option.
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