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  1. Who is going and where should we all get together at either before or after the show?
  2. i was afraid of that - i will wait for public sale - thanks
  3. i was a long term member - at least 10 years. i accidentally forgot to renew this year (i am so bummed that i let it lapse). oh well, i used my Experience level presale code to get tickets for vegas. i renewed yesterday and it bumped me down to the Innocence group - can i use this new Innocence level code to get two omaha tickets?
  4. I purchased Vegas tickets and they are not through Ticketmaster - anyone know how we get the cd?
  5. I got Kansas city to work for presale GA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! still cannot get Minneapolis to work
  6. do you know how we contact u2.com for new code - is there a special forum thread or something?
  7. os 10 safari doesn't work for me. my cell phone acts like it will work but then it tells me no tickets are available
  8. i am having the same problem and have tried different browsers - Minn & KC won't let me look at tickets. Indianapolis will let me see the GA but say my code does not open those tickets - we need help!
  9. I would love for SOE to be delivered to my iTunes account same as SOI!
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