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  1. I have heard that a large amount of tickets for the Mohegan Sun venue is set aside for tribal members and high rollers at the casino. If this is true, combined with a small capacity, I would imagine today may have been frustrating.
  2. The iPhone app did not work at all for me for Omaha, but laptop did. And I usually do fine with the app.
  3. I read on Facebook that at least one of the people who got the email had sold a U2 ticket before on Stub Hub when she couldn't go to the show. So I think the emails are going to people with a history of selling there.
  4. I feel bad for those who had issues, but getting a GA for Nashville was easy peasy. And I didn't have to do captchas! Yay!
  5. Report is that there are about 100 in line, venue should be handing out numbered wrostbands about now. Sounds like it will be a mellow GA. If I remember right, there were 500 in line in the morning for Chicago 1.
  6. It sounds as if this is a mellow list, only up to about 55 tonight. Of course that could change. My guess is the venue has x amount of numbered wristbands, and will give them out till they're gone. But really, what do I know. I think those who are there at 2 will be let into the venue, probably in the hallway/tunnels. The venue email says GA gate will open at 3, (for instance it was 5:30 at Minneapolis), so guess we'll all just have to wing it and see what happens! Maybe everyone will line up in the tunnels till let out on the field at probably 5-5:30.
  7. GA line/list started Sunday morning at 6 am at Gate G. For more info, I would suggest you joking the Facebook page U2 2017 Joshua Tree Kansas City. Venue apparently is going to honor line.
  8. I got a call back from Ticketmaster and was told there were no longer GAs available for Mpls or KC for presale but was offered seats. I was on TM straight up 10 and my code only unlocked red zone and VIP, so something isn't right. I will hope things get fixed eventually.
  9. Not to advocate the secondary market, but there are GAs for sale on Flash Seats, so for Denver they are transferable. The GAs are Flash Seats tickets (swipe credit card OR scan code on phone app). But the credit card doesn't have to be the original purchaser, the tics can be transferred to another Flash Seats account and then it's the card associated with the transferrees account.
  10. Less than three hours after general sale started and there are multiple GAs on flash seats starting at $174 apiece. Not even trying to pretend any more, huh? Congrats to the fans who managed to snag one. And I'm curious if flash seats GAs can be transferred, unlike the credit card entry ones.
  11. There are already multiple GAs available to purchase on flash seats starting at $174.
  12. Maybe you're all set, but if not, there are still tickets available on Ticketmaster, I'm sure they're not great tickets, but they're tickets.
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