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  1. Anyone else a bit "miffed" about the "hurry up and subscribe since you already used your presale codes for JT2017"? Feels like a money grab. This is an arena tour which means MULTIPLE shows in various venues. Only nearby Chicago on the calendar currently, and only one date? I call BS lads. New arena in Detroit, so I'm thinking they've already booked the venue, just haven't posted WHEN. Why? Supply and demand. Gotta create the demand. Come on... I love them. I will go, but probably not multiple shows. I like the new songs, looking forward to the new album. LOVED JT. But I'm gonna wait. I'll take my chances with the public sale and renew in January. I too, remember paying $15 a year for Prop. Got my postcard. Got my tickets. This. Just. Feels. Wrong.
  2. My best friend can't make the show and I just found out last night for sure. Willing to trade two GA for a seat if anyone is interested. Please PM me ASAP!
  3. So after a rather long day of waiting in lines I making it through the general admission process at Rogers stadium, my 13-year-old son Jacob and I managed to secure a spot in front of the sound mixing platform in the middle of the floor. I noticed Hollie among the other VIPs that gathered in between the Lumineers and U2. Of course by this time the floor is packed and I want decent view of the stage was quickly obscured. Near the end of with or without you, Hollie invited me and my son up into the VIP staging area so that my son could get a better view of the stage. I am beyond grateful for her reaching out to us, and my son had the greatest time ever! What a beautiful family, what a beautiful band, what a beautiful evening
  4. Tell us to show up at two, begin letting us in at three. And now we're queued on the ramps all the way up past the 300 level. I'm being told we won't be let in until five... The same time gate 10 opens for GA. Not really happy
  5. It says GA FLOOR TICKETHOLDERS ONLY: * GATE 6 for early GA floor line-up beginning at 10AM on show day ONLY! * A limited number of wristbands will be distributed on a first come first serve basis by venue Security (NOTE: Entry to venue will be managed in sequential order) * Guests who received an early entry wristband are encouraged to be back at Gate 6 no later than 3PM to ensure they are present for early screening
  6. So, while I was able to score TWO GA TICKETS in the public sale (wwwwhahhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaat?), upon checkout I noticed my two $70 tickets added up to $190 plus change. Turns out Ford Field charges a convenience fee of $43. I'm happy to be going, but when a $70 ticket turns into $95, that's a problem. Don't think the Lads would be real happy with how their dedicated fan base is being ripped off here.
  7. Is there any word about the possibility of perhaps 2 more tickets for those of us who have already used up our 4? I wouldn't have used all my tix IF I HAD KNOWN THAT THEY WERE COMING TO DETROIT! (all caps for emphasis, I'm not really yelling... just BUMMED out)
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