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  1. So I emailed U2.con yesterday.......asking if I needed to get verified now an link to USA Ticketmaster even though I do NOT want to go to a USA show. They replied today.....
  2. ........I've not posted this much in the Zoo for years......it was always full of confused people back then, and nothing much has changed!!! Just sayin'! lol
  3. Thanks Max and Mich, you are right, no rush, we still have a week to see if anything changes......and THEN panic
  4. And if it's unlinked, it can easily be linked to another TM account? And we wont lose verification? Damn, I feel for you guys......I know you are trying to help us all, and its clear you're not getting straight answers either!
  5. The problem is Max, as much as everyone appreciates what you mods do, and I understand that you guys are obviously not getting clear information as I'm pretty sure if you did, then you would have a clear answer for us all. But as it is, you can't clarify what the correct procedure is and our concern is that if we link to USA TM now, as soon as the Europe pre-sales are out, it could cause problems down the line as a whole bunch of Europeans will be linked to ticketmaster USA, with an unused code that could end up being useless when we have to link to ticketmaster in our own country!.....which would be even more of a headache than we already have!!!! So maybe u2.com need to provide us with clear instructions because
  6. Can someone official please clarify........Do we link to Ticketmaster USA even if we only want shows in the UK/Europe? Please don't tell me to take a lucky guess........whoever runs this website should state CLEARLY what European fans should do on our account page, or MODS should be able to find out correct information and make an official post. Suppose we link now to Ticketmaster now because it states we need to before the 12th to get verified and get a pre sales code for a USA show and we don't use it.....and then next month, we are told that to be able to get UK pre-sales, we have to link to our Ticketmaster UK accounts to get our pre-sales code, yet we would already have one?1 Its al so confusing! All we want to know if.......if we don't plan on attending a USA show, should we wait for UK dates and then link to Ticketmaster UK
  7. Can you not use the mobile number of a family member maybe?
  8. I’m so confused! So apparently current subscribers can link to TM and get verified subscriber status without having to renew? But if we are only planning on shows in UK do we link to TM USA to get verified or wait until there’s a link to TM UK? I’m reading mixed messages in this thread!!!! Can a mod clarify please ?
  9. Fair enough, so how come so many were having to pay for a new subscription to become a verified subscriber?
  10. So being subscribed to u2.con for years means absolutely nothing anymore..... you’re not considered a verified fan unless you pay for subscription twice!!! Absolutely disgusting ?. Current subscribers should be able to link to their TM account and be verified, because you have proven loyalty by already being a subscriber! But instead..... you invite scalpers to get a brand new sub and get verified?! I really hoped this band would respect their fans and appreciate longevity.... but it seems not. It’s all about putting fans in a position where they have to fork out On another subscription to get pre-sales. Shame on you U2
  11. So to become a verified fan you have to take out a new subscription or resub, even if you literally resubbed less than a week ago??? I thought they’d want to avoid scalpers getting pre-sales and those fans already subscribed, who have been subscribing for years and showing their loyalty, would be able to get verified fan status using the subscription they have already paid for? This new way encourages scalpers to buy new subscriptions, get verified and well done guys because u2 lose lots of loyal fans because they expect them to get 2 subscriptions to have a chance at pre-sales?! Hilarious!! 13 years of subscribing... what a waste!
  12. I can now add country code, omit the first zero and it takes the number.....however, when Saved, I get the error message "Mobile number invalid"!!!
  13. Thanks for replying.....I'll look in Zoo Feedback section, thank's Shannon. It's been many years since I've posted in the zoo........can't find my way around anymore!
  14. When adding mobile number in account info, what format should the number be entered (ie. with country code or not)? I'm in the UK and no matter how I enter my number, it won't accept the last digit of my number! Pretty annoying if this is how we'll be getting pre-sales codes in the future!!!
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