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  1. I saw the same issue on my wife's account....where we didn't resubscribe but now it show 'SETUP COMPLETE'. Not sure why this is happening, I thought maybe because we had used our code for the cancelled St. Louis JT Show, that maybe U2.com just reactivated it since I used it on a show that didn't happen. But if others are having this issue, I guess its probably an issue with U2.com acounts. It gives me very little hope that the presales will go smoothly, but hopefully this is the only issue they have. For those affected, I would error on the side of caution and resubscribe. This way if something happens and you don't get a code, at least you have a leg to stand on because you followed all of the steps. That's what I am going to do anyway.
  2. Hi, So let me start off by saying that I have been to Soldier Field 5 times for concerts (and many other times for Sporting Events) and I have never sat in Section 234 or 204. I am going to be in Section 204 for Chicago 2 in June and I'm really excited about the seats. But getting back to your question, here is what I know, and have experienced with Soldier Field and how they will relate to these sections, and I will let you decide what is best for you. Section 204 is in the Club level on the East side of the stadium. It will be to side of the stage, and my hope is it will provide a great view but you may not see the screen well. These seats are face value $70, and the next section over (section 205) is at the top price point of $280, so it tells me that the view may be a little limited but probably not enough to worry about. Row 6 is not covered, which is actually a good thing, which I will get back to in a second. Section 234 is on the west side of the stadium and closer to the '50' yard line. The face value on these seat are $280 and will provide a good view of the stage. The only issue with these seats is they are covered by the 300 level entirely. So Row 4 will be under the next deck. This is a good thing in case of rain, but I have heard that the sound echos in this level, which for a football game not a problem but for a concert where you want sound to be the best, its no so good. So it is completely up to you, if the cost is about the same, I would probably roll the dice and go with 234, but if 204 is cheaper (which it should be since the face value is so low), I would save the money for a T-Shirt and sit in 204. Here are some helpful links that you can refer to in help you decide. 3D viewer of Soldier Field: https://soldierfield.net/general_seating Section 234: http://aviewfrommyseat.com/venue/Soldier+Field/234/ Section 204: http://aviewfrommyseat.com/venue/Soldier+Field/204/ Good luck!
  3. Keep checking Ticketmaster, it seems they are dropping a lot of tickets for the other shows as they approach. If interested they have Red Zone (RZ) tickets available for the 7/2/15 show, but these are much more expensive than regular GA ($350 v. $80). They dropped GA for tonight's 6/24 show last night, so there is always hope! Good luck!
  4. Hey All, Just notices that Ticketmaster dropped Red Zone Tickets for the 7/2/15 Chicago show. If you are interested go grab them!
  5. If interested please PM me here are the details: 2x tickets in Row 19 of Section 116, right behind the stage (Limited view of the screen) for the July 2nd Chicago show at the UC. Just looking for what I paid - $221.82 for the pair (Face value - $95 + TM fees). Let me know if interested or if you have any questions. Thank you! ****** TICKETS HAVE BEEN SOLD ... THANKS!!! *****
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