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  1. Agreed; The COBL for Streets was a good substitue, esp in NYC, and it filled that place for me; i also liked the part where the two of them talked about finding common ground and appealing to the better nature of everyone - so much for those who think it's "too political"!
  2. that was an excellent article - perfect in fact
  3. yes, from one of the two side streets - the north one - mid-block - you will see other fans there - the band has stopped and got out serveral times in my experience but it's not guaranteed - it's NYC so sometimes too many people
  4. very helpful everyone, thank you! can't wait for the weekend
  5. can a few of you give me a general idea what time the concerts are ending? are they really starting at 7:30? buying train tickets for Sat/Sun thanks!!
  6. stupid question warning: sorry, i haven't been paying attention lately do to work overload and i'm also in the middle of moving, but do the 7:30 shows start on time and about what time do they end? transportation planning for the weekend! thanks in advance
  7. it's his hair and he can do whatever he wants with it - just as we all can do with ours
  8. You guys are just reminding me of the bands I'd love to see: Muse, Kings of Leon, Arcade Fire, Jay Z...... and Spoon - who said Spoon? What a fabulous idea! And how about Young the Giant? My only problem with opening acts is that they usually get the inferior sound system
  9. Yes, all of them! No one my age likes rock music,so I've seen U2, Bruce, Radiohead, Green Day, etc, alone.....and not enjoyed any of them any less. You are never alone at a U2 show because the fans and the band form such a community during the show
  10. Yes, I have to agree with this 100 percent! Thank you for your patience and care - you treat everyone like a personal friend. If we all had a stressful pre-sale week (and we did, whether we got our tickets or not), yours must have been hell. I wish you all multiple tickets for multiple shows!!
  11. yes, because none of us were able to get them - all our purchases times out before we could complete them - i had tickets in GA multiple times and lost them because the site froze - eventually got them somewhere else - if you read the complaint thread, virtually everyone had the same problem...good luck!!
  12. now that i have the time to read through these, i see that everyone had virtually the same problems, and most of us lost our GA seats - I did eventually get one in another section. My question is: who will be getting those GA tickets that were set aside for us, the longest-serving fans??????? Now the problems are fixed - just in time for the general public sale on Monday. Not making a huge deal of it, but still.........
  13. same thing happened to me twice - eventually i got one but not GA - took 4 hours
  14. I resolved my issue, but I could not get through the ticketmaster process. At least three times, i would get through the choose this ticket part but the site would freeze, not letting me go on and complete the purchase - then it would say my time was up.. After 4 hours i finally got one, but it wasn't as good a seat as the first ones offered. Only reporting it in case someone else has this issue. I've bought a ton of tickets on ticketmaster and I've never had this problem... Thankful i got one in any case but no time to try for another one Resolved
  15. Could always call in sick...;-) No way - it's my team, my staff, my reports - we've been working on the reports for this meeting for months and i've been planning it for months - that would be beyond irresponsible
  16. ugh! can i just say that i have a huge quarterly meeting tomorrow at 10AM!!!!!!! I am a major participant so no getting out of it - i think i can break away at 10:30 for a few mintutes if any tickets are left!!! -
  17. While there is only one Bono, I thought his two substitutes were awesome and it was great to see the band live - after Bono's accident, I was a little depresed that we wouldn't see them again for ages, and this cheered me up. And Bruce with U2 is a dream come true!! Loved Chris's shirt.. Well done everyone!!!
  18. just as an aside, where is the suitcase full of his clothes? lol
  19. If I weren't listening to Songs of Innocence, i'd be playing new albums by Hozier, Spoon, Alt J, Ryan Adams, Thom Yorke, and The War on Drugs, as well as recent albums by Cage the Elephant, Churches, Bleachers, Arcade Fire and Kings of Leon. However, i am listening to Songs of Innocence, so those are just waiting......
  20. no, I love it too. reminds me of the 'Desire' single cover. only this time Larry is embracing his son that's a good point - hadn't thought of that
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