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  1. Here is the quote right on their home page article: "This limited edition release is already in production for 2020 U2.com subscribers and during February we will mail all subscribers with details on physical dispatch times." Insanity to self impose a deadline and then not meet it!
  2. Why is this so hard for them? This is not difficult stuff! Courtesy?
  3. yeah..mine has no shipping info either!!
  4. FYI got t his yesterday!. Thanks for shopping the U2.com Subscription Store. This email confirms the following items from your order 4604**** have shipped via Mail Innovations Domestic: Name: U2 Live Songs of iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE 2CD Item Number: Z9CDU2CF5926 Quantity Shipped: 1
  5. " Once the physical copies start leaving the warehouse in October we’ll email subscribers with more specific timings. " They only said the CD's would start leaving in October, much like my wife starting to get to the car when we are leaving (a lengthy process), not that theCD's would actually leave. Did a lawyer write this??!!!
  6. This is the frustration for me with the service... " Ahead of physical delivery we’ll be offering all three tracks as digital downloads and we’ll email qualifying subscribers as they become available. " This is on the announcement. What does that mean? How about you at least announce the gift and that day put up the link or send the link for the downloads. Must we wait for everything? Why not get the songs ready (from 30 years ago!) and then announce and send them the same day?
  7. Just seems an odd choice to release something that you know at least some of (me included) your longtime fans already own. release something that has never been released before.
  8. Lovely, I will put this next to the one I bought in 1988!! And didn't they just go on a Joshua tree tour...even an audio of the tour? They used to do that but don't know why they don't anymore. For a band that always says "Live is where we live" they never release any live stuff anymore.
  9. I was told mine have been "allocated to me." However, they had not been processed to ship in the last 2 weeks (quite a procedure to move from allocated to shipped I suppose.) So apparently in some warehouse (picturing Indiana Jones here) there is a set of 4 singles with a yellow sticky on it with my name! Yes! All mine!
  10. Sadly this is how the u2 fanclub works....we were told 1) the gifts for the fanclub (which I purchased Dec of 2016 by the way) would ship by Dec 2017...and they could not even keep a promise to ship something within a year!!!!.....2) we would receive a special music surprise in December if we resubscribed for 2018 (nothing yet...1 more day in 2017 I suppose!)...and 3) we would find out the 2018 gift in January 2018 (we shall see!!) Can anyone from u2.com answer to any of this?
  11. Yes...would very much love a download of U2 at the BBC? Is there still going to be that special musical gift they told us about for subscribing, or is this just the typical where they say they will do something but don't (such as shipping the fan club vinyl gifts in December)?
  12. Yes...same here....why advertise a free cd or download and then not deliver! Really disappointing!!
  13. Bought my Philly tickets Nov 14....never got an email and still haven't.
  14. I never got an email... I went through Ticketmaster and it redirected me to Wells Fargo center where I bought tickets...then nothing for an cd! frustrating.
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