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  1. Thanks for the awesome response. is private car hire or Uber even a possibility after the gig? Any advantage to buying the train tickets in advance vs buying them day off at the Waterloo station?
  2. I'm from the US and will happen to be on holiday in London at time of the shows. I managed to get tix for me and the family to go on Sunday. My wife and I have been to numerous shows over the years but this will be the first U2 concert for my 9 yo daughter and 2nd for my 15 yo. Anyway, we are staying in London near Westminster next to Waterloo station. I have researched it and can't figure out if it is best to take the tube, the train or hire a car service. The train seems the most logical, but I do not want the family to have to wait a couple hours after the show to get on a train, but I don't know if it is really that bad. Twickenham looks like a very small station. I see you can buy train tickets for specific trains, but does that guarantee you will get train or is first come/first serve because the tickets also say anytime return? Any insights/ suggestions are appreciated.
  3. What really irritates me is that you wait and wait and wait and finally get through and you go to purchase the tickets that pop up and it crashes and you get thrown back in the queue.
  4. Feels like some of the same crap that the band apologized for during the Vertigo tour (or was it Elevation?).
  5. I have the same problem, wait time is less than 2 minutes for about 15 now, apparently time runs really slow in TM's world.
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