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  1. So, I officially can't go to the show, but I did find a friend I trust with my credit card who wants to go--he's never been, I'm selling the seats at face value. Hopefully they don't demand ID, otherwise he's driven 3 hours out of his way for nothing.
  2. Dear U2, please tell Ticketmaster to turn these tickets into transferable ones.
  3. And the scalpers still won. Next time do a conference call with Ticketmaster and U2.com ;-)
  4. I think you can use the same card anyway. (Just don't throw it out!)
  5. True. But there were also lots of tickets that for some reason were never credit card entry at all. They were issued regular paper tickets. If you really want to stop scalping you have to be thorough. On wait: Livenation and ticketmaster OWN the ticketsnow scalping site--they make more money getting into the scalping business so clearly they have no interest in stopping it. So much for the charade.
  6. It's possible. The whole point of CC Entry is to limit the amount of scalpers buying and reselling tickets for way over face. Ticketmaster can turn that off for the whole tour with the flip of a switch. They won't (and shouldn't). But they can... I agree with you in theory. But look at the scalper sites--they got away with it! Somehow they still managed to beat to system. Yet the rest of us are stuck--If I can't go, I can't even GIVE my tickets to friends/family (nevermind sell it to someone here and try to recover the cost) so those seats will probably be empty. I'm all for stopping s
  7. Is this trade section working yet? My presale tickets are CCE, yet it's looking like I may not get to go. What's also sad is I might not even be able to GIVE my tickets away (friend/family). Would definitely like to let another fan take my tickets if I can't go. Looking at the scalping sites it looks like this security feature didn't deter the scalpers... it's only hurting actual fans.
  8. Apologies if this has been talked about elsewhere. Anyone know how to transfer/give Credit Card Entry tickets to someone else? I'm starting to question if I'll be able to go. Thanks.
  9. To answer my own question (looking up on the Android app). GAs are $70 as well. I'm a little upset that GA is not available via the website.
  10. What's up with that? How much were they?
  11. I'm very happy for the pre-pre-sale and that I am going to the Miami show. However. I got the impression that GA tickets were not available during the presale. Did anyone else get GAs? I tried multiple times for "Floor seats" or "Best available" and then going through the price range options. But all options were in the 100s. Weird.
  12. Please PM me if you have 2 tickets (preferably GA) for July 18 or July 19 you want to sell at face value. Cheers!
  13. I'm beginning to wonder: do the $1000+ tickets scalpers try to sell actually ever sell? I mean, do millionaires even bother to pick those up? Anytime I've ever looked at StubHub, I never got the impression those tickets ever move. There's always someone trying to get $5000 for a ticket, but there are dozens more people selling the same level tickets for $400 (even though, it's still outrageous).
  14. Just had a look at all MSG dates on Ticketmaster. There are plenty of $300 (200-level) seats available to those who can afford them. Most nights there are just a few singles, but Wednesday night still has a few pairs and even a row. Better to buy them that way than through scalpers!
  15. KEEP TRYING! I just found 200-level tickets at MSG for Wednesday. (There are also "Premium" seats if you can afford 'em)
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