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  1. Hope you get some different stuff than we did over here. But, they are always so choreographed, I would;t get my hopes up. Over here one song changed in the setlist was a big deal. Which is par for the course for them.
  2. Parky, I think half the trouble is that we just don't feel things the same way as we did when we were young. I have lived and breathed music since I was about 12/13. I remember buying Sounds, Record Mirror, Melody Maker and Kerrang! religiously every week and quickly reading them back to front just to see if any of my favourite bands had announced new gigs. (The pre-internet trickle of information seems ridiculous now!) If new gigs were announced, I would have been queuing up outside the venue (usually Hammersmith Odeon) for hours and hours before they went on sale, to make absolutely
  3. Kind of how I felt. And the setlist is heavy on their new album which is poor in my opinion. It just isn't the same for me when I saw them this time around. Go and try and enjoy it as you never know how it will be if you don't have an open mind. Some fans will like everything they do no matter what and others will remember how it was in the 'good old days' and have a hard time with them measuring up to that. It is an internal battle you will have to fight or accept it and move on.
  4. Well, did you ask them that during 360?! Check the setlist on the second leg of the NA tour and count the NLOTH songs. 2 in MSP and most other stops. You must be a noob Again, 99% of the fans will like what they put out there. Just felt weird during that show and the flow was mediocre. Just my (and my friends') thoughts.
  5. I was in loge 11. The fans around me were awesome and Boston crowds are great. The band was so split up half the time with Bono doing his thing and all. Just wasn't up to U2 standards. Unfortunately, a couple of buddies from Chicago called today and asked what I thought. They sad 'Yeah...we wanted to tell you but not ruin it for you. We are not going to another show of theirs. PJ, Muse, Foos blow U2 doors off'. I would have gone either way as I was flying in from MSP but they are die hards from the War era and they too were disappointed and felt like they were just going through the mo
  6. I am going to be a bit of a downer and thought the show was good but nothing special. I do not at all like the new album so 7 songs from that is probably a part of it. But the whole thing going through Bono's childhood with these poor new songs.....they made their first 3 albums about basically the same thing. Maybe break some more out of those and cut down the new stuff to 3? Seemed not as much like a band with so much Bono-centric stuff. And when they played Even Better in the cage it killed their energy. U2....in a cage..... Not a fan of no Bono singing One. Pride can just go a
  7. Heartland Heartland Heartland Heartland Heartland Heartland Heartland Heartland At Boston #2 please!!!!!!!
  8. Tool also does not allow phones or recording. Security would let you smoke weed....but no way was a phone allowed. They were all over that.
  9. Bono needs to remember like 30-35 songs max. They play 22 songs and mix up a couple per night and those are always the same as well. over the length of the tour. PJ puts on a great show. It is different from U2 but I don't have PJ expectations of U2 since they have been the way they are (playing same setlist every night) since I saw em first in 83. Tool is the same as U2 playing pretty much the same thing every night too. Just the way some bands are.
  10. I cannot GA any more. This is the first U2 show I will be in seats. I like rolling in whenever to see the show rather than lining up, etc. My time is limited and I just would prefer the comfort of my spot, hitting the bathroom when I want, etc.
  11. PJ and U2 are both significantly different show experiences. With the production U2 puts into a show, I think there is little if any room for surprises. Which is unfortunate. But U2 has always pretty much maintained the same setlist throughout a tour even when the production was much less than current shows like in JT era. Just go look it up. It is a futile request. I feel lucky if ONE song deviates from the norm. I enjoy both types of shows. PJ put on killer show here this fall. They are really in their prime from a live perspective. The ticketing for fan club....the re
  12. They send reminder emails too.I think it's fair to reward those that don't let their subscriptions expire. Otherwise what's gonna stop people from paying subscription once every 5 years when U2 goes on tour? That said, shit sometimes happens and they could put up a policy to allow one month grace period after expiry to give time to get the seniority reinstated. Sound post. I dig it. I am lucky mine expires around my birthday so I remember without the email though.
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