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  1. Really wish it wasn't on DVD. Was so hoping for more exclusive Vinyl. Oh well, maybe Record Store Day. I renewed.
  2. I just noticed this post from a few weeks ago: I'll be patient. Very very excited to hear what it is!
  3. That’s encouraging. That would be cool.
  4. Same here. Very disappointing. Having some bad luck... received my 2019 gift, almost a year later, and the mail person folded it to fit it in my apartment mailbox. Ffs. sent in requests, but think it will be a long time before replacement comes in and still don’t want to renew to get the same gift.
  5. Ooooh... maybe new gift coming soon? (please be vinyl, please be vinyl)
  6. My subscription renews on Jan 31, 2020 and I’m praying for some new vinyl gift announcement before that.
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