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  1. What!? Sorry, but I tried to stick with it and got bored about half way through. Obviously you will disagree, but I think Bono would be very disappointed and embarassed to hear you talk about him this way. He is just a man like the rest ofus and has fallen short of the glory of God. Move away from your Idolatory and fix your eyes on the only one that is worthy of praise and adoration, the LordJesus. Anyone have any opinions on the song?
  2. Hi everyone. After the first few times I listened to Magnificent I realised it is about Jesus. The song is packed with biblical content. Here are someexamples. 'We were born to be together' refers to the relationship between man and God before sin entered the world. Jesus came to pay for that sin andreunite those who accept Him as Lord and Saviour. 'Only love can leave such a mark ... heal such a scar'. This refers to Jesus love by dying for theelect on the cross as having such an impact on people's lives and healing the scar of sin that separates us from God. 'Making and joyful noise' and'mag
  3. Do they allot any GA's for the regular on-sale or is only for U2.com members?
  4. Looks like it my friend. Is there a section on this site that allows U2 fans to sell to other U2 fans for Face Value? I'm merely looking for 1 GA ticket...
  5. I went in at 8am for standing tickets on Friday night at Croke. Had to wait around 10 minutes in que and then told no tickets available. Glad I got somepresale tickets for the Saturday night now. I assume they are all sold out now?
  6. Thanks for clarifying. For some reason it says I am the founder of a U2 setlist site (which I am not). I assume that by signing up now I'll be on the 3rdwave of pre-sales (totally fair). My question, I guess is, will certain tickets be blocked off for all three or is it first come, first serve meaning that thethird (and perhaps second) wave of pre-sales could potentially have no tickets available?
  7. no doubt about it, if you are at the front or the back (ive been at both) a stadium is an awsome gig
  8. This is a truly powerfull song indeed
  9. well you learn something new everyday ..
  10. I think what it is...it's that a lot of U2's previous work had more emotion and at the same time that raw edginess that seems to be missing here. Iwill go back and give it another listen....louder...if my speakers can take it any louder. I mean....you KNOW right away what that sound is when you play the Rattle & Hum or Joshua Tree albums, and BONO's voice and lyrics are soooo powerfulon that material. The new CD makes me feel like maybe someone in the band is going through a divorce or something. What is even worse I just read the notes for the follow-up album for No Line, and they a
  11. U2 is my favorite band in the universe.....Having said that.....I just bought NO LINE ON THE HOR I ZON and Iam sad to say...it is the most depressing piece of work U2 has ever put out. Bono's amazing vocals are barely recognizable and almost non-existent compared to thier other albums.It's almost like he was moaning the whole album, depressing really. Where are the searing guitar licks and solos....the big drums....what happened? I am very disappointed. I could not wait to buy this CD. It's nothing even close to what I anticipated itto be. I miss the raw passion and the hard edge tha
  12. Yes i am a drummer .. does anyone have any idea what kit Larry is using now? links pics would really help me right now
  13. Izzy2u wrote: I think peeps mis-understanding this just a tad...the copyright they are "holding" has to do with OTHER SITES using photos from U2.com. So in a way it's a protection for you that they "hold" the copyright. Anyone that knows anything about copyright is that the person that took the photo is the sole copyright holder FOREVER unless he literally sells his copyright. U2.com CAN'T "own" your copyright. Not today, not yesterday not ever without paying you to own it. If you are sincere about your phots and haven't turned them into the library of congress copyright
  14. Ragoo wrote: Insert a watermark is what I would suggest. Use your real name or username I developed a watermark for all photos starting the fall of last year, but I would have to re-tag everything from Vertigo. Ouch. I will advise all the fan photographers if they want to protect their stuff to watermark it with something a little more than just a text line along an (pardonthe pun) edge. To avoid simple cropping and re-loading. I would still like to know who is monitoring the photos if anyone at all. Is there a contact I can make to alert to things instead of trying to tag and o
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