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  1. So I really like U2-X Radio... great content, great songs, great comments from 75% of the band... lol BUT... why on earth is Moment of Surrender edited?? The vocal usually starts around 1:18... but on U2-X Radio, the vocal starts at 50 seconds. Who decided to do this? Why?? What purpose does it serve?? My latest pet peeve... thank you!
  2. Dan

    Daniel Rice

    My talented daughter created this painting for me last night... ©JennaRiceArt
  3. Just wanted one additional GA in Boston today... no way! All of those were sold to Stubhub on the first day of the fan club sale. Ticketmaster are criminals...
  4. I ordered a JT Tourbook and it took about a month to get it. And it was just shipped in an envelope so it was pretty much destroyed. Now I have to ship it back at my cost to get my refund. When will I ever learn? Never again Fanfire!
  5. Look in the envelope with the postcards. And the 4th stencil is a pair of combat boots, like on the screen during Cedarwood Road. Thank you very much for the info! I will look for my download card when I get home...
  6. I have received the box set yesterday... nice package but I have no idea where the digital download card is. Maybe I didn't get one?? Can anyone please shed some light on this? The stencils are a weird inclusion here...a light bulb, wolf, megaphone and ??? No idea what it is... Thanks!
  7. Dan

    Thanks U2.com

    Very HAPPY with my 2 tix to Boston!! Thanks U2!!!
  8. While I'm also disappointed, I have faith that something will be released sooner rather than later. U2 is probably tired of the badgering in the press for an album release date. I'm sure there has been some incredible stuff recorded and it will see the light of day soon. I'm hoping there will just be a quiet release online and in the marketplace. U2's incessant promoting of these albums prior to release creates an unreal expectation in the band and with the fans. How about releasing an album with no expectations and see what happens? The buzz and expectation they try to create with each
  9. I gave up my 28 year membership to U2.com this year. Propaganda was a great fan club. U2.com has always been a kick in the ass to the fans. Duals is a joke gift for the true fans. NLOTH really disappointed me anyway. This band hyped the album to the max long before the release and that's never been done before by U2. I knew something was different. They seem to be trying too hard now to be famous. Releasing Boots as the first single was really hard to swallow. And this 360 tour seems to be going on without end! Why?? It's so disappointing to lose love for my band... but I just can't
  10. This morning, Tuesday, September 29th, there was a post on the home page of U2.com from Willie Williams titled "Front of Anonymity" He was writing about the ease of roaming around Gillette during the first show to see things from different vantage points. He also happened to mention that following the show that Sunday night, the Massachusetts Police had closed the highway (he called it a freeway) at ALL exits to allow the band and it's entourage a traffic-free route to Boston to attend their after show party. I wrote a comment that that was probably part of the reason I didn't get home in F
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