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  1. I was looking forward to this reissue when I first heard the rumor, but this official announcement is leaving me totally underwhelmed. Going back to the u2songs rumor page, the wealth of promotional output for this album could have been archived in this reissue at the superdeluxe level (namely the Irving Plaza, Manray, & farm club dot com live sets, plus the International Radio Session set). I'm sorry, but an audio rip of the Elevation DVD release should have been saved as a fan club release. I suppose I'm cranky because I always thought an anniversary release would include the W
  2. Hello. I have an extra reserved seat for Saturday's show. Section 110 Row 16. It's up on Ticketmaster's site, but they charge a $100 convenience fee. I'd rather sell it to someone for face value at $312. Someone on Ticketmaster bought it. Thanks!
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