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  1. I am also. They’re not responding to any requests. If you’re in the U S you can report the shop to the BBB. They’ll mediate. I’ve done it before in the past & will likely again for the current problem when I get to the point where I’m ready to deal with it. I can say I’m never trusting that shop again. It’s unfortunate that shop is so horrible at communication. 

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  2. I'm in the US and having the same issue, also no response when submitting an inquiry on the contact us. The U2 shop is notoriously bad. They had a period when they were doing better but that was before the global pandemic. My guess is they've reverted back and who knows how their system is even working now with the pandemic. It would be great if they just posted something on the front of the shop and said, hey here's what is going on but unfortunately the only thing you can do is wait, and keep bugging them on occasion. You'll eventually get your stuff. 


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