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  1. What! Awwww... RIP Sean Connery Loved him. He was one of my favorite actors.
  2. Thank you U2 for giving me a great life with great music 💖 Looking forward to walking on to better times when we can see concerts live and in person again I have to go back to adulting now... This was fun. Thanks all!
  3. Oh man... Wake up dead man 💖
  4. I've lost people as well though not this year & one has terminal stage 4 lung cancer so pretty much everything U2 is hitting hard. I can cry at the drop of a hat...it's weird...I'm not even a crier. It's nice to have the U2 hug. Virtual hug to anyone needing it
  5. Laying with Bono on stage... can you imagine?
  6. I've been to literal hell and back. I definitely needed a U2 concert this definitely helps. Can't wait until we can all see the band live
  7. Love Stay and I've always loved the video too
  8. "sexual pleasure in data" TMI Bono... TMI...😂
  9. Love in a little while 💖
  10. I'm good with the hair but if he wanted to trim it that would be cool..., it's the beard which I'm not too sure about. That said, it seems to be a trend with men to grow a beard and etc for this whole COVID19 quarantine time so C'est la vie
  11. Sooo I'm not the only one who thinks that. 😄
  12. Love that they made the scribble heart t-shirt available... I definitely bought it. 😄 https://shop.u2.com/collections/boston-watch-party-exclusives/products/heart-live-from-boston-black-tee Yes, chats/social media are intense... Per usual you'll find my introverted arse off to myself enjoying the band and observing the fan chat. Not long now!
  13. Hello Hello! Looking forward to seeing the show!
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