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  1. Yep, so do I a little sexy bono for you
  2. I'm probably not the best person to answer this but I'll give it a shot. ;-) Yes they come out but be prepared to wait for them though. If your nice to security they'll tell you where the band comes in and out at the stadium, orjust look for a crowd of people. I haven't heard of all of them coming out at once at the stadiums. Typically it's been one or two but I think it alsodepends on how long they are at each location and what kind of time they have for the meet and greets and is the crowd treating them well or freaking out toomuch. I was in Barcelona a few days before the first concert
  3. Last I checked, 88 people demanded that U2 visit the Seattle metro area! Myself included. ;-)
  4. illumination70 wrote: I'm not sure if this will help, but some airline have "Bareavement Fares", but if worse comes to worse, you can always check with the Greyhound (especially the "Red Eye"). As for the positive thoughts and vibes, you can count on me!!! ((HUGS)) I was just going to say this. Definitely check into bereavement fares and how you can get that, it will save you loads of money on airfare. I think its just amatter of providing them with proof of some kind (i.e., signed note from a Doctor). Thoughts, prayers and positive vibes going out to you.
  5. I like Your Blue Room and am looking forward to see what they're going to do with that. Definitely KEEP the Crazy remix, that was awesome live. I'mlooking forward to hearing them perform that one again. I hope they add Bad to the list but I don't want them dropping anything either so...what ever theydecide I'll be happy.
  6. My all time favorite is With or without you but if I had to pick one they normally don't play live, or rarely play live, I think I would go with eitherLove is Blindness, Your Blue Room, Acrobat, Exit, Bad....sorry I can't pick just one. lol
  7. No, it was a special effect. I have no idea why they didnt do this at all the shows but these did appear at the Barcelona show but it was clearly a specialeffect. It was a pretty cool effect.
  8. Here's a link to the U2 Official page on You Tube. You'll find both videos on that page. There's the animated version and the Barcelona concertfootage one. I think you can also find the videos on this site also. http://www.youtube.com/user/U2official
  9. Hate to say it but you may not get your merch on time. Fanfire is notoriously slow and severely lacking in the customer service department. I dont thinkI've ever had anything from them delivered to me in a timely manor. The least amount of time I've had to wait has been 3 months and the most 8 monthsand I live two states away from where Fanfire is based. I would try calling them to see for sure. Maybe you might get lucky.
  10. LOL! Exactly! It's too bad really, I actually wanted one of the woman's tshirts but well...lets just say I would be giving people the wrong impression about me if Ieven attempted to wear it. Yes U2, real women have boobs. ;-)
  11. If your wondering about the womens sizes...they're small enough to fit an infant, or cat. lol! I dont have any pics of me wearing the merch but I went with a men's tshirt and that fits great. The womens sizes are still very small. Sizing is the sameas previous "womens" tshirts. They're really babydoll tshirts, same with the tank tops.
  12. Your welcome. Well, if your doing GA I believe that if you go too far forward you can't see much but stand a better chance of being closer to one or allband members when they walk around. From what I understand if you stay slightly back from the stage you have a much better view. Not positive since Ididn't do GA but the stage is huge so it makes sense. My only other advice would be not to follow all the tour talk and stuff floating around. It'stempting but so much more worth it to walk in and form your own opinion rather than someone elses and have fun!
  13. Same here. I bought the top price ticket for Barcelona 2 and had an obstructed view (one of the claws). If your curious I have a couple of pics and a shortvideo in my profile it will give you somewhat of an idea of the view I had. That said, I thoroughly enjoyed the concert. They move around a lot which helps.Even though I had an obstructed view I had a fantastic time and the show, IMHO, was great and a real highlight for me.
  14. TheFungusAmongus wrote: its either bono or gavin singing that. abd it isbnt any gavin song that i know of, but read that it may be one of the new songs from the upcomibng album... here: Thats a good clip. It kinda sounds like Bono but I dont know Gavin's singing enough to tell if it's him or not. LOL!
  15. Badlemons wrote: I read it was David Bowie's Space Oddity, that would be pretty sweet. If I remember correctly, they played Bowie right before they broke to the intro. It was pretty loud in the stadium at that point so honestly, I dont know. ButI've been wondering about this also. I liked the sound of the intro. It was pretty cool.
  16. Actually, I was at the second show and I loved it. I hope they keep it. It was only one song they did the remix version for so that's not too bad. I dunno,I thought it was fun. I dont think its embarrasing but I guess it just shows the diversity of their fan base. The bobbing heads on the video feed cracked meup. I believe the reason for playing the same song twice in one evening was because they were shooting a video for it. I dont believe they will be doing thatthroughout the entire tour.
  17. Well, I'm not entirely sure how old I was but I was pretty young but if I had to guess a year I would say 1984-ish. I remember hearing Sunday Bloody Sundayand New Years Day and seeing the videos on MTV and I really liked what I heard. I wanted the record but my parents were reluctant to purchase an album titled"War" for me at that age. So the first record purchase forme ended up being The Joshua Tree and by then my Dad was also U2 fan so I had free reign to play the album as much and as loud as I wanted. lol I've been abig fan ever since.
  18. Yeah, its unfortunate and thats about the only thing people can do...laugh it off
  19. Eeee gaads...NO lip-syncing pulease
  20. wow, really....heck of a first post. Honestly, while I listened to it I thought he sounded fantastic and have noticed in the performances that they've donelately his singing has been in top form. So, um...nope, no concerns what so ever.
  21. There have been tech issues here since the launch of the new site. Many subscribers have problems accessing the paid members forum and there are other glitchesassociated with the forum as well when you do finally make it in. Try going to the help page and try the suggestions under there for access problems. You canalso try downloading and using Motzilla Firefox instead of Internet Explorer as a web browser. I have no idea if that will help but it's suppose to be abetter browser than Internet Explorer and faster too. My third suggestion, on the help page at the bottom you will see a contact us
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