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  1. Reading the latest Rolling Stone articles... Sounding like there won't be any more US dates for this tour. Sooooo glad I made the trip to Vegas.
  2. The showman is still my least favorite song. Ive already stated why in detail in the past. I still feel the same. No need to rehash. That said, I wouldn't object if it found it's way to the setlist.
  3. The music is fine as are the band and the concert. The issue is when you charge $325 for seats youre going to get an older more wealthy crowd, & they sit. I dont know of many young people w that kind of disposable income. Those who cant swing it will do GA, balcony, or not at all. I have a credit card I can use so I had seats. I think I was one of the youngest people in the area I was in. Most of the people around me were ballpark 50+ in age and even retirement age. U2 usually generates a diverse crowd. I do believe the price of the seats had a deciding factor on the seated crowd.
  4. I watched these yesterday. They were hysterical.
  5. It depends. They arrive typically between 2& 4-ish. It's not a given that they'll stop & meet with fans. You stand a 50/50 chance of that happening. They will at least wave on their way in. Both experiences are awesome. Good luck. ?
  6. *Cough cough*?? Im alergic to set list debates. ? I was at both shows. I loved them both. With a back catalogue like theirs there will always be something you wished would make it to the set list. Why is the set list relatively unchanged, its a performance. Visuals & all. They have to stick to some certainty to put on a great show. And that they did. For me, I love the experience. Theyre my band. I loved seeing them again. It was just what I needed. Now I want more so I patiently await tour dates near me. ?
  7. To know U2 Brother/ Mark you must see the video.... I dont know him personally but have run into him a number of times at the shows. He's a cool dude.
  8. Wait, did you get married at the show? Congrats! I was at the show, I didn't realize. How awesome!
  9. Aaaaaahhhhhh! No words, thank you Adam! He really is quite the gentleman ?
  10. Forgot to mention, Love Larry in glasses! It's a great look for him. Looking forward to night 2!
  11. The unofficial line isn't permitted on the property. I saw it by NY NY where the bars ,& restaurants are. They're by the red tables with a sign.
  12. RED zone is pretty easy to spot. Ive done it a few times in the past. Look for the (RED) sign. You'll stand in line first for arm banding then next to get in. You will need your ID and it wouldn't hurt to bring the credit card you used to make the purchase. There will be RED zone people there to assist you. Check with them on any questions you have. Arena staff don't always know what's going on with the RED zone. Just look for the big red sign
  13. Pearl Jam does a lottery also. I'm not sure on specifics but I am a 10 club member (fan club) and tried for Ga. They, I believe, reserved the GA pit for the fanclub and did it lottery style.
  14. It appears the pre lineup numbers were honored for the official line.
  15. Why I originally peeked my head in... Ive seen the merch and now I know the band are open to meeting fans. Info needed, check. Thank you. ...aaaand Im out. Enjoy Tulsa!!
  16. Youre preaching to the choir. But I have anxiety. I have had an anxiety attack at a concert once ( long story & not U2 related) & full on dont remember the concert. For me Its more about putting myself first is all, I just don't have the desire to argue with a gang of superfans. I see many of the same people at the U2 concerts. There are more if them then there are me. Me, Id just like to enjoy myself & have a good time. Best of luck to those who are fighting to do GA the right way. I wish you luck. Side note, for the record, Im not one of the “bullies” running the line
  17. Check the GA line. There's always extras to buy.
  18. They said that at other venues also... The informal GA always gets what they want. Best of luck to all the GAers. For the record, I'm pro- official GA line. I've just seen this Conversation happen so much, & had a similar experience when I attended Cleveland, that I've just seen the same group of people running things/supporting each other always get what they're after. I'm more about enjoying my own experience to allow myself to ever get upset over it. Cest la vie. I truly hope everyone has a positive, memorable, and fun experience.
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